5 Ways Of Enhancing Brain Power (Part 2)

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Note: If you enjoy this article, consider reading 5 Ways Of Enhancing Brain Power [Part 1]. No matter how high your current I.Q. or level of education, there are still tons of great things that you can do to boost your brain power!  Boosting your brain power doesn’t always deal with reading books or hanging […]

26 Ways To Create Your Own Reality

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1. Meditation Meditation is an extremely powerful activity that can be used to manipulate and create your own reality. I believe that meditation is the single most powerful way to learn how to take control of your life and to consciously sculpt your own reality. Meditation has a large list of benefits and is one […]

Beta Brain Waves – A Guide To Understanding

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What are beta brainwaves? Beta brainwaves are considered “fast brain wave” activity. Beta brainwaves are brainwaves that cycle within the range of 12 – 38 Hz and are usually generated in the brain’s left-hemisphere. Beta waves kick in when logically thinking, feeling stressed, and feeling tense. Beta is generally thought of as a “normal” rhythm […]

50 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

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1) Meditate — Meditation has been known to increase IQ, relieve stress, and promotes higher levels of brain functioning. Meditation also activates the “prefrontal cortex” of the brain, an area responsible for advanced thinking ability and performance. 2) Draw A Picture — Drawing stimulates the right-hemisphere of the brain and inspires creativity. Get out the […]

5 Ways To Make Your Brain Happier [Part 2]

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Note: you may also be interested in the original article 5 Ways To Make Your Brain Happier (as this article is part 2). 1. Brainwave entrainment Though brainwave entrainment is not for everyone, it definitely can be used to create positive changes in brainwaves with tremendous results. I currently use the program Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional […]

How To Improve Your Mental Focus

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After reading this entry, you will learn how to take your focus to a new level, keep it there, and keep increasing your focus power for the rest of your life without much effort at all. Whether your life is full of stress, have clouded thinking, or have always had ADD / ADHD, you can […]