Brain Foods: List Of Bad Brain Foods

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Note: If you enjoy this article, consider reading Brain Foods: List Of 50 Good Brain Foods. What are “bad brain foods”? Know and understand which foods impede brain development Though it is very important and beneficial to know and understand which foods will help you boost your brain power, it is also great to understand […]

Understanding Gamma Brain Waves

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What are gamma brainwaves? Gamma brainwaves are considered the brain’s optimal frequency of functioning. Gamma brainwaves are commonly associated with increased levels of compassion, feelings of happiness, and optimal brain functioning. Gamma brainwaves are associated with a conscious awareness of reality and increased mental abilities. Gamma brainwaves range from the frequency of 38 Hz – […]

50 Things That Kill Brain Cells

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1) Sniffing paint — Yes, sniffing paint will give you a “high” for awhile, but it can really inflict severe brain damage. Avoid inhalants like paint and keep your brain cells healthy. Even worse than just killing your brain cells is the fact that sniffing paint has the potential to kill you — even on […]