Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

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Have you heard about weight loss through hypnosis and hypnotherapy? A lot of people end up trying hypnosis for weight loss, and find out that it doesn’t work that well. The truth is that using hypnosis should only be to supplement hard work to make a change. If your goal is to achieve weight loss […]

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy for Smokers

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If you are trying to quit your smoking habit, chances are that you have heard of smoking hypnotherapy. You have probably read that it can be very effective at helping people reduce their cravings and kick their smoking habit, right? Well, despite all of the promotion for stop smoking hypnotherapy, it does not work for […]

26 Ways To Create Your Own Reality

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1. Meditation Meditation is an extremely powerful activity that can be used to manipulate and create your own reality. I believe that meditation is the single most powerful way to learn how to take control of your life and to consciously sculpt your own reality. Meditation has a large list of benefits and is one […]