Street Hypnosis Training Exposed: Decks and Igor Ledochowski

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Chances are that if you’ve been to Las Vegas, you’ve seen plenty of examples of street hypnosis being performed outside of casinos and resorts. Most people that don’t know how this type of hypnosis works are usually pretty impressed. A lot of people are a little bit skeptical about how it works, but most people […]

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

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Have you heard about weight loss through hypnosis and hypnotherapy? A lot of people end up trying hypnosis for weight loss, and find out that it doesn’t work that well. The truth is that using hypnosis should only be to supplement hard work to make a change. If your goal is to achieve weight loss […]

Golf Hypnosis To Improve Your Golf Game

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Golf hypnosis is the use of hypnotherapy to improve one’s ability to golf. Most people that have done it claim that it does provide them with benefit. Even the famous Tiger Woods has used variations of hypnosis to help improve his golf game. It is not going to make you a miracle golfer overnight, but […]

Are Conversational Hypnosis Techniques A Scam?

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What is conversational hypnosis? Conversational hypnosis (also referred to as “covert hypnosis”) is defined as the ability to communicate or influence another person’s subconscious mind without them being aware of it. There are many different types of hypnosis that are marketed because a lot of the general public has absolutely no idea what is real […]

Using Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

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A lot of people have considered using hypnosis to quit smoking, but don’t really know whether it can work. So does hypnosis to quit smoking work? There are a lot of places on the internet that want people to believe that it does so that they can sell you self hypnosis sessions, but the truth […]