How Google & Technology is Changing Your Brain’s Rote Memory (The Google Effect Study)

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A recent study has confirmed that the search engine Google is changing your brain and altering the way it works, seriously. But then again, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise since any new technology is going to change the way that our neurons fire and brain works. Anyways, a group of people got money […]

Pediatric Brain Injury (Statistics and Treatment)

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According to pediatric brain injury statistics, it is estimated that well over three million children in the United States are affected with pediatric brain injury each year. Pediatric brain injuries can be caused by a wide-variety of things including: sports injuries, meningitis, viral infection, drug use, war injuries, assaults, vehicle accidents, AIDS infection, and substance […]

Time Perception: How The Brain Controls Time

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Introduction Ever wonder how you’re brain is able to control the perception of time? At times it seems as if life is flying by – especially when we are involved in a fun activity or event. At other times, though, when we are stressed out or witness a scary event, time seems to stop or […]

The Evolution Of Brain Power: New Synaptic Molecular Evolution Theory

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New synaptic molecular evolution theory Human intelligence has little or nothing to do with brain size – scientists have known this for awhile. Having a bigger brain will not necessarily make you more intelligent than another person. A relatively recent report by the Daily Mail Newspaper discussed a study that compared human brains to the […]

Symptoms Of Schizophrenia: Linked To Patterns Of Normal Brain Activity

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Researchers discover why schizophrenia symptoms vary depending on the individual A relatively new study offers hope towards learning how certain individuals behave during an episode of psychosis. The study, which appeared in the June 18th issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, discussed the brain activity of healthy individuals compared with participants who ingested the drug […]

Naps Can Improve Our Memory

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It always feels good to come home after a hard day’s work, lay back on the recliner and take a nice hearty nap. Not only do naps feel good, it is great for your brain’s memory according to a recent study. University of Haifa’s Behavior and Brain Research Center conducted a study lead by Professor […]