How To Amp Up Your Brain Power In The Morning for Increased Energy Levels

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Ever wonder why some people are able to be hyper-productive each morning? It’s because their brains are ready for the day at an early time, they get their “neurons firing” and brain working. Fortunately, there are many great exercises that you can use to help get yourself moving each morning. This will help increase your […]

Brain Foods: List Of Bad Brain Foods

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Note: If you enjoy this article, consider reading Brain Foods: List Of 50 Good Brain Foods. What are “bad brain foods”? Know and understand which foods impede brain development Though it is very important and beneficial to know and understand which foods will help you boost your brain power, it is also great to understand […]

Brain Foods: List Of 50 Good Brain Foods

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Note: If you enjoy this article, consider reading Brain Foods: List Of “Bad Brain Foods”. What are “brain foods”? Brain foods are foods that help improve functioning within the brain. One example of a brain food is fish. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which allow the blood vessels of the brain to remain […]

Benefits Of Meditation: 100 Reasons To Meditate (Without Explanation)

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1. To experience deep inner peace. 2. To experience a greater sense of wellbeing. 3. To increase the amount of grey-matter in your brain. 4. To increase the amount of activity in your brain. 5. To take control of your thoughts. 6. To take control of your life. 7. For spiritual purposes. 8. To develop […]

Sleepy Brains Are Prone To Automatic Shut Down

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Skipping sleep can shut down the brain Being sleep-deprived for just one night will make your brain unstable and more prone to sudden “shutdowns.” These shutdowns are like lapses that don’t allow you to utilize the full power of your brain. The natural function of the brain is weaker and you may experience shifts between […]

Chewing Gum Boosts Brain Power and Memory

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According to British research, the act of simply “chewing gum,” could make us smarter, enhance our memory, and improve the functioning of our brains. A joint study done by the University of Northumbria and the Cognitive Research Unit, Reading, found that “chewing gum” has beneficial effects on our “thinking, memory and other cognitive tasks.” The […]

Learning To Juggle Boosts Brain Power (At Least Temporarily)

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Learning to juggle and the brain changes Scientists have found that by learning to juggle you can produce significant, powerful changes within your brain. Scientists have studied the brains of many individuals who frequently practice juggling. The scientists compared the brains of habitual jugglers to individuals that don’t practice juggling. What the scientists discovered were […]

Raising Your Consciousness: 10×10 Ways To Become More Conscious (Part 6)

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1. Be aware of your breathing: are you breathing properly? Being aware of your breathing means being fully conscious of your breathing pattern. Though something as simple as breathing in-and-out is an automatic function of our body, being aware of how you are breathing is important. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that there is actually […]

Meditation Improves Concentration

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Small doses of meditation daily significantly improves concentration and performance. According to neuroscientist Amishi Jha, “meditation is an active and effortful process that literally changes the way the brain works.” A study was done to examine how meditation changes our: ability to prioritize (tasks & goals), ability to voluntarily focus (on specific information), and our […]

Dark Chocolate Boosts Brain Power

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Want a boosted brain? Ever consider just sitting down and eating a some dark chocolates to enhance brain function? An expert at the University of Nottingham has found that eating chocolate gives the brain a powerful short-term boost to cognitive skills! A study lead by Professor Ian McDonald found that a cocoa drink rich in […]

Fish Oil To Improve Mental Focus

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Always looking for new methods to boost my brain power, I decided to try taking fish oil. I had heard good things about it and had read a lot of research surrounding this supplement. I started taking Fish Oil supplements at the beginning of 2006 and have been taking at least 1200 mg daily. I […]