Benefits Of Alpha Brain Waves and Theta Brain Waves

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After spending time reading about brain waves, you probably have gotten the impression that slowing down your brain waves from a high-beta state – or even from a normal beta state – down to an alpha or theta brainwave state can be very beneficial. There are tons of great side-effects that can occur from being […]

Left Hemisphere: 18 Hz Beta Brainwave Entrainment (Isochronic Tones) – Life Experiment

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I’ve recently been doing an experiment with brainwave entrainment. I started the experiment several days ago and am entraining the left hemisphere of my brain with an 18 Hz beta brainwave frequency. Thus far, my progress has been great and I’m definitely noticing changes. In this article I will discuss the specifications regarding my current […]

Aroma Of Coffee: Sniffing Coffee Beans May Boost Alertness

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Is it possible that only waking up and smelling coffee gives your brain a jolt of energy (more beta brainwaves) without even taking a drink? Many people drink coffee in the morning for some caffeine-energy. However, a new study shows that just smelling coffee may have some of the same benefits. The research in the […]

20 Ways To Murder Stress: Killer Relaxation Tips

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1. Close your eyes – The act of simply closing your eyes causes a change in brainwave production from fast-paced beta brainwaves to slower, peaceful alpha waves. Give yourself at least 10 – 15 minutes of quiet time with your eyes closed and you’ll naturally feel more relaxed. 2. Relax your tongue – Sounds fairly […]

Understanding The “Delta Brainwave”

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What are delta brainwaves? Delta brainwaves are considered the most relaxing brainwave frequency range. Delta brainwaves are commonly associated with the deepest sleep [stages 3 & 4] and a state of unconscious awareness. Delta brainwaves are the lowest in brainwave frequency: ranging from 0 – 4 Hz, but are the highest in amplitude. Delta brainwaves, […]

Theta Brain Waves – A Guide To Understanding

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What are theta brain waves? Theta brainwaves are considered extremely relaxing brainwave activity that is commonly associated with sleep and dreaming. Theta brainwaves are high in amplitude and cycle within the range of 4 – 8 Hz and are usually generated in the brains right hemisphere. Theta waves kick in when we feel emotional, relaxed, […]

Beta Brainwave Test: 15 To 18 Hz Trial

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Mostly because I haven’t given this range a valid shot for brainwave synchronization, I’ve decided to do a 2 week trial of listening to the 15 to 18 Hz beta brainwave range. The session I’m using is called “Energy / Motivation” and can be found in the program Mind Stereo‘s built in session library. Why […]