Understanding Gamma Brain Waves

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What are gamma brainwaves? Gamma brainwaves are considered the brain’s optimal frequency of functioning. Gamma brainwaves are commonly associated with increased levels of compassion, feelings of happiness, and optimal brain functioning. Gamma brainwaves are associated with a conscious awareness of reality and increased mental abilities. Gamma brainwaves range from the frequency of 38 Hz – […]

Understanding The “Delta Brainwave”

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What are delta brainwaves? Delta brainwaves are considered the most relaxing brainwave frequency range. Delta brainwaves are commonly associated with the deepest sleep [stages 3 & 4] and a state of unconscious awareness. Delta brainwaves are the lowest in brainwave frequency: ranging from 0 – 4 Hz, but are the highest in amplitude. Delta brainwaves, […]

Teenage Brains: Risky Business?

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Ever wondering why your teen is a wild, risk-taking, party animal? Well, it probably has a lot to do with his or her brain. During the teen years of life, their brain is still being shaped and is not yet fully developed. Teens are faced with some of the most risky situations and many can’t […]