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10Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment (Day #7)

Posted by on 30 Dec 2008 | Tagged as: Brainwave Experiments, Brainwaves

Hello everyone, I had this post ready and timestamped to be posted, but it never got up… So here goes Day #7 from my 10 Hz Alpha brain waves experiment for you to read about.  And since I’m on the topic, I’m going to completely shy away from brain waves entrainment for at least a week – before I start up with a new experiment.  Why?  Because I don’t want the entrained Alpha 10 Hz to affect my latest experiment.  Anyways, have a happy New Year and feel free to read up on the “late post” below!

What I experienced today (Day #7)?

1.) Continued Physical Relaxation

Today, I am not more physically relaxed than yesterday, but the relaxation has stabilized.  I feel very good and relaxed to the point where I can still function and maintain a good level of relaxation.  My arms, legs, and the rest of my body continues to experience a pleasant state of relaxation.  Definitely a good way to end the final day of the experiment.

2.) Continued Slower Mental Processing

It is Day #7 (the final day of this experiment) and I continued to note a slower overall mental processing speed.  It is clear to me that the slower mental processing from the continued entrainment at 10Hz.  Though it is more difficult for me to think “quickly” – I am still not bothered by my slower thinking.  I can hold my ground in conversation and feel pretty satisfied with my state of awareness.

3.) Stable Energy In Stomach / Body

The energy in my stomach and the rest of my body feels relatively stable just like yesterday.  It isn’t bothersome and definitely isn’t distracting like it was early on in the experiment. There’s not much to note here other than the energy is still in my CORE stomach area, but it doesn’t feel like it wants to escape from my body.  It’s interesting because before this experiment started I wasn’t even aware of this energy… Or maybe it was a side-effect from Alpha brain waves?

4.)  Continued “Weird Dreams” / And Quality Sleep

I continued the final Day #7 of this experiment with more “weird dreams.”  I had gone to see a movie earlier in the day and one of the characters was in my dream.  Unlike in the movie – where he was a ruthless, mean killer – in my dream he was extremely nice to me and everyone else.  I didn’t fully wake up in the middle of the night, but this morning I remembered several weird different dreams that I had.  Right now though, I cannot seem to recall them.  The quality of my sleep continues to be extremely high – which is definitely a side-effect that I enjoy.

5.) Slow Thinking / Brain Idling

Today I have continued “slow thinking,” but like yesterday it doesn’t bother me and I am aware of it.  I have had some quality conversations and feel that I am in a “content” state of awareness.  Though it feels like my brain is “blank” during conversations – I always seem to find something good to say.  I do not feel that 10Hz entrainment makes for an optimal state for conversation – I don’t think that it hurts in any way.

6.) Negative Mood

Unfortunately, I am still experiencing a slightly more negative mood.  And though I have maintained “awareness” of this negativity – it seems as though the negativity has resulted from slower thinking.  I still found myself impulsively resorting to “curse words” over quality vocabulary.   The “little things” / little nuisances didn’t seem to bother me as much as yesterday.  However, being in a more negative mood than when I started this experiment shows me that the 10Hz entrainment is definitely having an effect.  I can definitely cope with it though.

I hope everyone enjoyed the experiment and had Happy Holidays.  Have a great New Year (2009) to all of my readers out there.  I am planning on doing another experiment in a couple of weeks!  I’ll let you all know when that goes down.  Hopefully I’ll update the blog sometime and either write an article in reflection of this experiment AND / OR give you the new experiment plans.

PREVIOUSLY: Day #6: 10Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment

10Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment (Day #6)

Posted by on 27 Dec 2008 | Tagged as: Brainwave Experiments, Brainwaves

Today I definitely noticed some changes that continued from Day #5 and other new side-effects that you can read about below. Due to not having as much time to type this blog entry, my descriptions will be shorter and filled with less detail. I also wanted to be “clear” and “to-the-point” so that you all could understand what I experienced and whether I thought it was a significant side-effect.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday and is looking forward to a great 2009!

What I experienced today (Day #6)?

1.) Noticeably More Physical Relaxation

Today, I am definitely more physically relaxed than yesterday – and completely aware of it. From the moment that I woke up until now, I definitely feel that my body is more relaxed.  My arms and legs are just as loose / limp as they were yesterday and everything feels good.  I have a continued feeling of “looseness” that I have enjoyed throughout the day.  There aren’t a lot of specifics to describe – other than the fact that my body feels more relaxed than yesterday.

2.) Continued Slower Processing Speed / No “Deep” Thinking

It is Day #6 – and I continued to observe that my mental processing speed is slower than yesterday.  I think it’s due to a continued entrainment at 10Hz – which causes the majority of other waves to entrain at the 10 Hz level after my session.  I have maintained a good focus and am not distracted or unable to think clearly.  I definitely am not having any deep thoughts about life, the past, or the future – as I would if I were in the beta-range.  My thought speed has continued to slow – and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it continued to slow tomorrow – but we’ll see.

3.) Stable Energy In Stomach / Body

I still feel energy coming from the CORE of my stomach – but it feels as though I have adapted to it being there.  It is no longer bothersome or surging like it was a couple days back.  The flow of energy through my central stomach area has stabilized and my stomach feels nice and relaxed. I have been able to stay mentally clear and focused – and the typing of this entry seems very easy.  I am now wondering to myself whether or not it is the alpha entrainment that is causing me to be “less aware” of the effects than I would if I were in beta OR if it’s the adaptation to the alpha entrainment that’s causing reduced side-effects.

4.)  Continued “Weird Dreams” / Continued Deep Sleep

Last night I slept very deep, but had continued weird dreams.   In comparison to yesterday – the sleep quality did not change much.  I still felt very good when waking up this morning.  Last night was accompanied by weird dreams, but I don’t remember the details like I did the night before.  How do I know that I had weird dreams?  Because I woke up during the middle of the night due to dreams.  Definitely a continuation from Day #5 – things remained about the same (as far as sleep side effects).

5.) More Relaxation / Less Energy

Like yesterday, I woke up feeling extremely relaxed – my body felt very good.  There wasn’t an extreme change in my level of physical relaxation in comparison to yesterday – but it was noticeable.   Like yesterday, I also am experiencing less energy than yesterday.  I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as “lacking energy” like I did on Day #5, but I definitely am not as motivated to do certain things.

6.) More “Slow Thinking” / Better Conversation

I am more aware that my thinking has slowed down.  I am not thinking with nearly the mental speed that I normally do.  However – unlike yesterday, I have had some great conversations today.  I noticed that I was more spontaneous than I have been the entire week.  Though I have had my mind go nearly blank “mid-conversation” like yesterday – it was easy to deal with.  Though I feel like I converse at an optimal level in the beta-state, I feel like I can handle myself well in alpha.

7.) Negative Mood / Feeling “Crabby”

A continued effect from yesterday from what I described as a “slightly more negative mood” – has continued today.  Only unlike yesterday, I would say that my mood is in fact “slightly negative.”  I have found myself feeling irritated with things that normally don’t upset me.  I believe that it’s due to less overall “thinking,” but I am not sure.  I found myself dropping “swear words” – in sentences that didn’t even need them.  I felt a need to express more anger and upsetting emotion.  Little things got on my nerves today – and I am hoping that it doesn’t continue tomorrow.  I am trying to stay aware of what I say and my actions – but some sentences that I said today were purely from impulse.  I wasn’t thinking about what I was saying while I said it OR before I said it.  I feel what I would describe as “crabby” – a feeling that I do not often experience, so it’s definitely something major to take note of.

PREVIOUSLY: Day #5: 10Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment

10Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment (Day #5)

Posted by on 26 Dec 2008 | Tagged as: Brainwave Experiments, Brainwaves

First of all, I didn’t skip out on entrainment today.  I followed up with a 20 minute session last night [on Christmas Eve] and my 20 minute session this morning as I have been.  Since it’s Christmas, I was too busy during the morning to write my entry, but I’m on it now that the hype has died down.  I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season like I am.  Entrainment went very well both last night and today.  Read below for the full specifics regarding my experience.

What I experienced today (Day #5)?

1.) Slightly More Physical Relaxation

Today I feel super relaxed – my body is completely loose and my arms are limp.  I am definitely more relaxed physically than I was yesterday.  Though I thought that my level of physical relaxation had reached its peak yesterday, I was definitely wrong.  Today I am super loose – it feels like I am walking around after just getting a full-body massage.  I am not keyed up at all like yesterday – and I feel very good.  I’m definitely not going to complain about physical relaxation – even though it is making me want to “chill” and stay relaxed / lazy instead of working out.

2.) Slower Mental Processing Speed

It is Day #5 – and I definitely noticed a change in my mental processing speed between today and yesterday.  Today my brain feels like it is operating at a much slower speed than it was yesterday.  I am thinking slower, but am definitely more calm and focused than yesterday.  Looking back at my comments about my brain “grasping the 10hz frequency,” I know that it definitely hadn’t.  Main thing to remember: my brain (and thought-rate / speed) is definitely slower than yesterday.

3.) Excess Energy in Stomach Has Stabilized / Under Control

Unlike yesterday when I felt a huge surge of energy coming from my central stomach area, today I feel the energy there, but it is not causing any distraction or me to act antsy.  The energy feels like it belongs in my stomach and is not at all bothersome.  Yesterday, the energy felt like it was trying to break free and escape from my body.  Today, the energy in my CORE (midsection) feels like it belongs and is under control.  It is easy for me to focus, stay mentally clear, and type this article.

4.) “Weird dreams” / Continued Deep Sleep

Throughout the past few nights, I noted major improvements in quality of sleep.  Last night was definitely quality sleep, but it was accompanied by extremely weird dreams that I didn’t remember.  I woke up today feeling incredibly groggy – like I was deprived of sleep – even though I got plenty of sleep.

However, I do remember having one super weird dream (most dreams are weird…) in some foreign territory that included me walking and searching for my dorm.  No matter which route I took, I could never seem to get there. The environment was fairly (what I would describe as) shady, but the people in the dream were all fairly friendly and I knew pretty much everyone in it.  It definitely looked completely different from anything that I had seen in the “real world.”

Though that was just one “weird dream” I remembered having, I am positive that I had more – because I do remember that a couple caused me to wake up at different times throughout the night.  I haven’t been woken up by a dream in the middle of the night in a very long time.  In fact, I am rarely aware that I even have dreams.  Last night was a completely different story.

5.) More Relaxed / More Unenenergized

Though I did wake up feeling highly relaxed, the overall revitalizing energy that was present yesterday was just not around today.  With that said, I did feel more relaxed and loose today than yesterday – but I also (unfortunately) felt highly unenergized.  The lack of energy that has accompanied me today has forced me to operate at a much slower pace than I normally would.

6.) Slower Thinking During Conversations

Similarly to yesterday, I took note that my brain thinks slower during conversations.  I literally found my brain go completely “blank” mid conversation with someone.  It didn’t really bother me, but I did notice that I didn’t have as much to contribute to the conversation – due to my brain operating at a slower rate.  Normally, my brain flows with things to talk about – today, when I was on the phone with a friend – I did talk about plenty, it just didn’t feel (to me) like I had as much to say as is normal.

Due to a slower speed of mental processing (as noted in #2), it is also more difficult for me to think of “words” that I was going to use during conversation.  I was talking earlier to my family and all of a sudden (mid-sentence) I completely forgot what I was going to say.  Sure, we’ve all had this happen at various points in our lives, but it is definitely a rarity for me – an effect that definitely noted.

7.) More Negative Mood

Today I am experiencing a slightly negative mood, from what I attribute to slower thinking.  I am nowhere near as “witty” or have the “comebacks” / “fast-paced” thought that accompanied me a couple weeks ago.  This is not a bad thing, per se, as I was fine last night.  However, today it makes it more challenging to talk with quickness and get my point across with ease.  This is making me slightly frustrated.  My mood is not what I would describe as “negative,” but it is definitely “more negative” than yesterday.  This isn’t a big deal – but I am going to take note of it because it’s definitely noticeable.

PREVIOUSLY: Day #4: 10Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment

10Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment (Day #4)

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It’s already Day #4 of my 10hz brain waves experiment in the alpha-range.  Things have been going relatively smooth – but today the energy that I’m experiencing is ridiculously distracting and makes it fairly difficult for me to type this entry.  Though I feel good and am not upset with this sudden increase in energy – it is fairly tough to contain and put to use.  I feel as though my mind is relaxed, but my physical body has energy to burn.  For everything that I experienced in fairly good detail, be sure to read below.  Oh, and Merry Christmas to all of my readers out there!

What I experienced today (Day #4)?

1.) Physical relaxation has peaked

It feels as though my level of physical relaxation has reached it’s peak.  In fact, today I feel no more relaxed or at ease than yesterday.  I feel relaxed, but also like I have TONS and TONS of energy throughout my stomach and the rest of my body (read below to hear about that).  If anything, I feel more keyed up than yesterday due to the energy.

2.) Mental processing speed

It is Day #4 and I have not noticed much of a change in my mental processing speed in comparison to yesterday.  Yesterday I noted that my level of mental relaxation increased.  Today, I feel as though my brain is operating at about the same speed.  It may have finally fully “grasped” the 10Hz alpha frequency through the entrainment session – which is a good thing.

3.) Strongest Surge Of Energy In Stomach / CORE

Today I have by far the biggest surge of energy coming from my central stomach area, it’s almost hard to restrain.  It feels like there’s a surge of energy in the pit of my stomach that is prying at me to get out.  It definitely feels good, but it also makes me want to jump out of this chair and do a three hour workout to try to get rid of it.

This crazy “pent-up” energy inside feels like a mix between emotion and energy.  Thinking optimistically, I’m going to try to put this energy to good use.  With that said, Day #4 (today) has been the most difficult for me to type this article.  I noticed that I am skipping around with my writing and that it feels very unorganized.

4.) More overall energy / feel distracted by it

Today, I especially noted that my body feels like it has “energy to burn.”  Not only in the CORE of my stomach – as I described above – but even in my upper body, my arms feel like they have tons of energy to burn.  It feels like I’m a little kid that finds it very difficult to sit still.

The philosopher inside makes me believe that this “energy” is due to a build-up of slow-brain wave activity.  Though I do feel mentally clear, this energy feels extremely distracting – like it could interfere with my ability to listen and overall ability to pay attention.  It’s really difficult for me to stay focused – even though I do feel mentally clear.

5.) Continued Quality Sleep

Another major improvement that I first took note of yesterday was an improved quality of sleep.  Last night, the quality of my sleep was phenomenal.  I slept amazingly throughout the night and once again woke up feeling super refreshed.  I couldn’t tell whether the sleep was better than the night before, but I do know that the past two nights have been above average – compared to normal and the previous days (#1 & #2) of the experiment.

6.) Less impulsive / more thoughtful

One final observation that I’ve made today is the fact that I am less impulsive – especially when talking to others.  I literally “think” about what I’m going to say before I’m going to say it.  This isn’t necessarily a negative effect – per se – but I’d definitely rather not have my brain “editing” what I’m going to say before I say it.

One benefit to being less impulsive is the fact that I am more thoughtful during conversation.  I have a much easier time restraining myself from making a random (potentially negative) comment.  Hopefully tomorrow will be easier for me to type this blog entry describing my effects.

PREVIOUSLY:  Day #3: 10Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment

10Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment (Day #3)

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In continuation of my 10hz alpha brainwave entrainment series, this is officially Day #3.  I’m feeling very good and though I have had a few slight side-effects that were unexpected, I have also experienced more benefits than were expected.  After finishing a 20 minute session last night of the [non-ramped] alpha entrainment and a 20 minute session this morning of the 20 minute [non-ramped] alpha entrainment, you can read about my experiences below.

What I experienced today (Day #3)?

1.) More physically relaxed than yesterday

It has definitely been easy to gauge my level of physical relaxation in comparison to previous days.  Today, I feel the most relaxed I have thus far in the series.  My entire wingspan (arms), in addition to my legs, and my stomach feel completely relaxed and calm.  My body has a feeling of “lightness” to it that I have not experienced in a long time.  I literally feel like JELLO – completely loose and limp.

2.) Mental Relaxation / Slower Processing / Slightly Lightheaded

Today I feel not only more physically at ease, but I can tell that I have become more mentally relaxed [than yesterday] as well.  I am not thinking deeply about anything and my mental processing speed has significantly slowed… (Now would not be a good time for me to do any extreme writing).  It is of much higher difficulty for me than yesterday to write this blog entry.

Throughout the experience, I began to notice that after my session last night, I experienced a feeling of being lightheaded – something I haven’t experienced much of before.  The lightheadedness is continuing throughout this morning after my session, but it isn’t extreme enough to be a distraction.  I am not sure what to think of it, but I believe that it’ll eventually fade away once I get started with some of my normal daily activities.

3.) Stronger CORE Energy From Center

It’s relatively easy to describe what I’m experiencing with this “boosted” core energy.  Basically, what I’m feeling is an increased energy from inside my stomach area – in the center, directly below my heart area.  To me it feels like emotional energy mixed with feelings of excitement.  Though it is stronger than yesterday, I have a feeling that it will be even stronger tomorrow.

4.) Contentment / Less Irritability / Desensitization

I feel as though I’m very content with how I feel right now and my life.  I am no longer having any feeling of irritability like I was on Day #1.  I feel much less concerned with things that would normally stress me out.  The best word I can use to describe my situation would be “desensitization” – which vaguely means I am not as mentally concerned / stressed-out with minor things that before may have made me stressed, or that I may have been concerned about.

One example is music volume level.  Before doing these few sessions, I was very adament about keeping my music volume at a low level – a volume that I was sure would be safe for my hearing.  After doing a few alpha sessions, I am no longer as hardcore about being a “volume Nazi.” If something’s too loud, I will turn it down, but I found myself listening to music and playing the TV at louder volumes than I normally do – likely because I am less mentally stimulated [affected] by what’s going on in my environment; much less than I would be if I were in the beta range.

5.) Laziness As A Product Of Relaxation

One thing that I had not noticed of myself was becoming more lazy as a result of relaxation.  I almost skipped my workout last night because I wanted to listen to more music and watch TV.  I felt incredibly comfortable and like I didn’t want to get my behind off the couch.  I wanted to chill out and continue enjoying what was on TV and continue to replay music on my iTunes playlist.

Luckily, I was able to overcome my mental idling and get myself moving for a workout.  Of course once I got into my workout, I felt very good and like I had plenty of energy to finish burning my 700 Calories.  With that said, after my session today, I noticed that I felt even lazier – I felt like I wanted to skip typing this blog entry, but I overcame that feeling [as is apparent by this entry].

6.) Old Memories Resurfacing / Internal Awareness

I noticed that old memories resurfaced – memories that I completely forgot existed.  One of them included a childhood experience about when I went trick-or-treating.  Another was of a day when I gave a speech at my elementary school.  Many childhood friendships and classmates were brought to my awareness.  All of the memories seemed to be completely random, but I thought they were great.

As these memories kept randomly appearing, I attribute part of the recollection to be due to the fact that I am more internally aware of myself today than I was before I started the experiment.  More “introverted” than normal – is how I’d describe the feeling.  What’s interesting is the fact that most people associate feeling “introverted” as being a bad thing – but I can testify to the fact that it feels extremely pleasing.

7.) Much deeper sleep / refreshed

One thing that I did consciously notice was the fact that I experienced much deeper sleep than before.  I know that I turned off my alarm this morning and slept 2 hours past the time it was set for.  It wasn’t difficult to get out of bed when I awoke – I wasn’t feeling groggy, but I felt like I slept extremely well – in comparison to how well I normally sleep.

“Did you sleep well last night? No, I made a few mistakes” – Stephen Wright <<< In reference to Stephen Wright’s quote I feel like I was mistake-free the entire night. I also felt extremely refreshed after waking up – as well as after my entrainment session this morning.  This leads me to believe that 10hz alpha is likely a frequency that revitalizes the body and the mind.  Hopefully the experiment will continue to go well.  Continue following the blog, or subscribe for the updates.

PREVIOUSLY: Day #2: 10 Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment

10 Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment (Day #2)

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Well, like I said – I was going to post each day about my experiences dealing with the 10 Hz alpha brain waves that I have been listening to: 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night before I go to bed.  Thus, far my results have been fairly interesting – though it is only Day #2 of the Series.  I have done a grand total of three sessions thus far – two yesterday and one this morning.  Read below and find out what I experienced in Day #2 of this experiment in comparison to Day #1 (yesterday).

What I experienced today (Day #2)?

1.) Deeper physical relaxation…Again

Though I didn’t feel as deeply relaxed as last time, I did feel more physical relaxation after session number two than the first session.  My body is “mellow” and my arms & legs feel much looser.  Though I wasn’t aware of feeling as relaxed as before, the 10 Hz session this morning definitely helped.  Last night before I went to bed, I listened to the session and had a deeper relaxation effect than I did this morning (but that could be due to the fact that I was pretty tired before taking a listen) – though I did manage to easily stay awake the entire time.

2.) Deeper mental relaxation… Different state of awareness.

Like the effects resulting from yesterday’s session, I also feel more mentally relaxed than before.  I feel slightly spaced out, but much more focused than I did on Day #1 of the experiment.  My brain has definitely slowed down some and I do notice an affect on my consciousness (state of awareness).  My thoughts are not nearly as “deep” as they were before and I feel like I am more part of this exact moment in time – as I don’t have thoughts rushing about the future or past.  I also feel extremely refreshed – just as refreshed as yesterday, which is definitely a pleasant feeling.

3.) More Internal / CORE energy

After my 20 minute alpha session today I noticed that I felt like I had more energy coming from the CORE of my stomach area.  And, unlike yesterday, I do not feel quite as “emotional.” I am not feeling “very powerful” emotions, but I can tell that my emotions are there.  I am also more aware of this “internal energy” stemming from the center of my body between my stomach area and chest.

I do not feel “negative” or “depressing” emotions like I felt yesterday… In fact I feel extremely chilled out and relaxed.  This session has slowed down my brain significantly from the high-beta brain waves range that I was in before.  It feels to me like I’m in a state of awareness that’s a safe place to be: not too much mental activity, not too powerful of emotions.  It feels good and I feel “content.”

4.) Less Irritability & More Desensitized

After the session ended yesterday, I wrote about experiencing “irritability.”  Both yesterday and today I got plenty of sleep and didn’t make any major changes in my routine throughout my day – continuing to exercise and go about other activities as I normally would. Unlike yesterday, hearing the dog bark and other noises coming from outside did not seem to phase me.  I felt pretty mellow and “desensitized” to the barking.  Nothing minor is upsetting or rev’s me up in the slightest.  This makes me think that yesterday was just some sort of weird transition that I was experiencing.

5.) Slower mental speed / processing

Though I feel that I am not as able to “think quick” during conversations or be as “witty” as I was before, it doesn’t really bother me.  I know that if I ever want to think quick on my feet and perform at my peak for conversations that I can do some beta entrainment or beta neurofeedback to help shift my awareness.  The alpha brain wave range is obviously slower than the beta-range – but not as slow as the theta range – which explains my feeling of a calm state that’s “neither dominated by thoughts or emotions.”

As quoted from yesterday, “Tasks like writing, reading, organizing thoughts, and conversation are usually easier for people already in the beta-brain wave range.” With that said, I am feeling different than yesterday, I can type fairly easily with a good level of concentration.  I haven’t had to “go back and edit” my work nearly as much as yesterday.  But, there still could be some grammatical mistakes….haha *Apologies if there are.

6.) Continued Internal Awareness…

Though I do find myself more apt to focusing on external things than yesterday, my internal awareness has increased tremendously.  I feel much more self aware.  This morning I ate a fairly late breakfast and noticed that before eating breakfast I had a strong urge to get food in my body.  My stomach was literally screaming at me to feed it.  Normally if I eat later, I am not aware of my stomach begging for food.

Here’s what I noticed yesterday about “feeling more full”:

I normally don’t think much about “being full” after eating breakfast, but I found myself aware that I felt full inside after eating and doing my first session.  I also mentioned a much more powerful ability to be aware of my emotions – which I also classify as internal awareness.

I am also more physically aware of what’s happening inside my body.  Though I feel less aware of my thoughts, I am more aware of my entire body.  I am noticing slight internal cues form my body that I normally do not pick up on.  I will continue to let everyone know how I am effected by this 10Hz alpha entrainment as I begin to experiment tonight and tomorrow morning.  Day #2’s journal is done.  Feel free to click the link below and compare my experience from Day #1.

PREVIOUSLY: Day #1: 10 Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment

10 Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment (Day #1)

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I posted yesterday letting everyone know that I’ve decided to kick off a 7-Day Series of brain wave entrainment – hoping to get a new experience (in comparison to my old trial)… This series will feature me writing my experience on this blog for each of the seven days in a journal-like format…  I will be writing after my morning entrainment session for everybody to follow.  It’s been about 5 minutes since finishing my 10 Hz (customized) Alpha Brain Waves session with Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional software – so let’s hear how the session affected me on Day #1 after twenty minutes of 10 hz alpha entrainment.

What I experienced today (Day #1)?

1.) Deeper physical relaxation

The very first thing that I noticed after my first session ended was that I felt more physically relaxed than normally.  I could tell that the session had a very noticeable effect at making my entire body more mellow.  My arms feel relaxed, my legs feel relaxed – and the biggest effect that the session had on me was in the stomach area.  Right in the middle of my chest / stomach, I feel the deepest sense of relaxation that I have in a long time.

2.) Deeper mental relaxation

In addition to my physical body relaxing more, my brain felt much more relaxed as well.  I believe that slowing down the brain is a good thing in certain cases, but too much of it would severely hinder performance at doing things like complex math problems and understanding abstract concepts or theories.

Though my brain is slowed down, it feels pleasant.  It feels like I don’t need to worry about what I’m thinking… My brain seems to think for itself and wander on its own.  I do still feel some control over what I’m thinking, but it’s not nearly as strong of conscious control as I normally do.  With that said, the deeper mental relaxation felt highly refreshing, even though I did my session in the morning (within 2 hours of waking – after eating breakfast).

3.) More emotional / emotionally aware

After just one 20 minute alpha session, I noticed that I felt more emotional, especially from the place in my body that felt the deepest sense of relaxation – the middle of my stomach.  I have not felt very powerful emotions for a long time, but I do know that strong emotions are linked to the slower brain wave states like theta and alpha.  It’s not that people in the beta range aren’t likely to experience emotions, it’s just that they will not be as powerful as they would in a primarily alpha or theta state of mind.

Another thing that’s interesting is the fact that I’m much more aware of having these strong emotions after my session.  I usually do not even “think” much about my emotions – and actually do not usually feel much of any emotion this strong at all… Though the emotions I’m experiencing seem to be what I would label as “negative” & “depressing” – it was likely due to my brain’s brain waves coming into this session.  People in a high-beta brain waves state would likely not experience what I have experienced – because I was likely in a normal (low-mid) beta state coming into this session.

4.) Slight irritability

After the session ended, I heard the snow plow plowing the road right outside and noticed myself getting upset and angry at the plow for making noise while I’m trying to type this blog entry.  Something like “noise” from a snow plow would normally not bother me.  The reason I’m putting down “slight irritability” as a side-effect of my experience is because I am not what I would call “irritable.”  I still have conscious control over the expression of my emotions, but minor things seem to piss me off…

Another experience I had was with my dog barking.  I normally do not get emotionally revved up when I hear my dog bark, but after doing Day #1 of the 10 Hz Alpha Brainwave session, I found myself getting upset at him barking because it was throwing off my ability to concentrate on writing this blog entry.

5.) Slower mental speed / processing

I definitely noticed that I am not able to think as quickly as before – which makes perfect sense… Think about it, if my brain was in the beta-range (like most normal individuals other than children), I would have quicker mental speed, and be more aware of my physical environment.  It makes perfect sense for me to be experiencing mental slowness compared to what I was experiencing before (likely in the beta-range).

Tasks like writing, reading, organizing thoughts, and conversation are usually easier for people already in the beta-brain wave range.  Right now it seems pretty difficult for me (compared to before) to type a blog entry that makes sense.  I’ve had to go back and edit my sentences much more often than I normally do.

6.) More internal awareness

Instead of focusing on external things (i.e. people, objects, activity) in my environment (like I normally do), I found myself being more aware of what’s going on inside my body.  I normally don’t think much about “being full” after eating breakfast, but I found myself aware that I felt full inside after eating and doing my first session.  I also mentioned a much more powerful ability to be aware of my emotions – which I also classify as internal awareness.

I do not know whether the brain waves changed my body and mind in a way that makes me more emotional OR whether alpha brain wave entrainment just made me more aware of my inner emotions…  OR if it was a combination of the alpha brain waves’ affecting my body and mind in addition to shifting my awareness (more internal) that made the change.  I look forward to continuing the experiment tonight / tomorrow morning.  I will hopefully be as thorough as this entry here.

PREVIOUSLY: Alpha Brain Waves “10Hz” Experiment Information

10 Hz Alpha Brain Waves Entrainment Experiment / Using Neuro-Programmer 2

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HELLO EVERYONE! I just wanted to let ya know that I’ve decided to start back up with regular posting here at 4 Mind 4 Life…  I first wanted to start by saying that it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted and I feel somewhat out of my loop…  Anyways, I have been doing brainwave entrainment here and there, but haven’t been too religious about experimentation.  With that said, I have recently had the urge to start back up with an experiment…  This one re-visiting the 10 Hz Alpha brainwave.

I hope to make this a seven (7) day series of strictly 10 Hz Alpha Brainwave entrainment.  Each day I would like to keep everyone (all the blog followers) and random readers updated on how I’m feeling and what I’m experiencing…  I figure that I’ll start tomorrow morning with the trial

Here’s what will be happening a.k.a. the specs for the experiment:

  • 10 Hz Alpha Brainwave entrainment (non-ramped)
  • Utilizing the software Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional
  • Synchronized / isochronic tones (without-headphones)
  • 20 minutes in the morning / 20 minutes each evening
  • 7 days straight (“in-a-row” / “back-2-back”)
  • Sitting in front of the computer w/ NP2 Professional running

Why I chose a period of 7 Days?

I chose 7 days because I don’t know what I’ll experience and I don’t want to get too deep into experimentation before I realize that I should stop.  Brainwave entrainment is completely healthy for me to utilize (as I do not have any history of epilepsy / seizures)…  Besides, the alpha range is known by scientists as THE SAFEST brainwave range, with 10 Hz having plenty of quality research behind it.

Therefore, starting tomorrow morning, I’ll be keeping a little journal here at 4 Mind 4 Life to let everyone know my complete experience.  I may not have time to write lengthy entries, but I think you all will be satisfied in hearing what I am experiencing on a day-to-day basis.  Also, when I make a final subjective evaluation of how the Alpha 10 Hz brainwave affected me, I will be able to look back at each of my entries rather than attempt to remember how I felt each day (which would be extremely difficult).

How To Amp Up Your Brain Power In The Morning for Increased Energy Levels

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Ever wonder why some people are able to be hyper-productive each morning? It’s because their brains are ready for the day at an early time, they get their “neurons firing” and brain working. Fortunately, there are many great exercises that you can use to help get yourself moving each morning. This will help increase your brain activity and get your ready for the day ahead. Learning to create positive, healthy habits each morning is a great way to improve the overall health of your brain. Read below and you will find plenty of great activities that you can use each morning before work or school to help you kick your brain into gear!

Try Taking a Cool Shower. I know what you are thinking: “taking a cold shower is ridiculous.” And I agree, taking a cold shower is ridiculous. With that said, it does a great job at getting us motivated and it definitely “wakes up” our brains. If you’ve never tried to take a shower in the morning, try it sometime and see how you feel. I usually never intentionally take a cold shower, but ended up taking plenty in my lifetime.

The washing machine would be running and suck up the warm water in the winter and I’d get a nice dose of cold water in the morning. Sure it doesn’t feel very pleasant, but it definitely does the job. Each time a cold shower ends, I feel alert, energetic, and ready to have a productive morning. If you don’t like taking cold showers, feel free to compromise by taking a “cool shower.” – It will likely do the job too!

Listen to Some Energetic Music. For those who really want to wake up feeling charged, create a CD or playlist that is motivating, inspiring, or that has a quick tempo. Fast-paced music forces people to want to start moving. Maybe you’d like to start your day by playing an upbeat mix of tunes and dancing to them! You’d get a little workout, plus you’d feel pumped up and ready to take on the world after you were done. Who knows, maybe you’d even feel like taking a *cold shower! Haha.

Get Plenty of Sleep. It can be very difficult to have a great morning every day if you aren’t getting adequate sleep the night before! Each person needs a different amount of sleep: some individuals are able to run on 5 hours effectively, while others need over 8 hours. Either way, be sure you are meeting your individual sleep requirements. Getting plenty of sleep the night before allows you to wake up easier in the morning, and truly take advantage of your mornings. I have done plenty of sleep research and it seems that “going to sleep when you are tired” + “waking up at the same time each morning” is the optimal sleep strategy.

Have Fruit Juice with Breakfast. Whether you are a fan of either coffee or green tea, fruit juice is yet another alternative. Having a hearty glass of Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Grape Juice, Pineapple Juice, etc. will be a great way to start up your brain in the morning. All of these juices contain healthy amounts of sugars, nutrients, and vitamins that will lace your brain cells with plenty of energy that they will be able to utilize throughout almost the entire day to communicate with one another. My personal favorite is to drink a big glass of Orange Juice, but all types of fruit juice are extremely healthy. Each will ensure a high-performance brain state in the morning.

Set an Alarm Clock. Most people set alarm clocks in order to wake up in time for their work shift or school classes. Whether they know it or not, setting an alarm clock is suggested to ensure a productive, mentally stimulating morning. We know it is optimal to “go to bed when you are tired” and to “wake up at the same time each day.”

In attempt to wake up at the same time each day, it can be difficult to do without an alarm clock. I intentionally set my alarm clock away from my bed because it forces me to make my tired butt “get up.” Once I wake up and walk over to my alarm clock, I feel tired, but I am able to stay awake and boost up my brain each morning!

Many people believe that it is good to literally “jump out of bed” as if someone dumped ice water on your face. While that method is a great way to get your brain amped for the day, another way is to massage your body. Massage your face, arms, legs, and slowly work your way up. I prefer the quick “jack-in-the-box” method, but either way works! There is nothing wrong with sleeping in, other than you will miss out on taking advantage of [your brain and] the morning.

Wake up to the Smell of Freshly Brewed Coffee. Waking up to the smell of coffee is easy to accomplish if you enjoy drinking coffee. There is even some research that suggests just from the aroma of coffee, brain activity will increase along with your physical energy level. It is important to remember, though, that you should strive to drink coffee in “moderation.” Too much coffee and your brain waves will shift to a rapid pattern (high-beta). This will likely leave you stressed out and anxious. Too little coffee and you won’t reap the brain boosting effects. I personally don’t drink coffee in the morning, but scientific data suggests that coffee in moderation can actually be a great way to boost electrical activity in your brain in the morning!

Consider Drinking Green Tea. If you aren’t the type of person who likes to drink coffee, you may want to consider drinking some tea instead! Green Tea and other teas have been proven to be great for your brain. They boost activity and provide you with healthy nutrients that will stay in your body throughout the entire morning. I have found Green Tea to be very calming. It soothes and relaxes my body, yet it seems to get my brain ready for the day! It tastes great, smells great, and is great to drink in the morning before eating breakfast.

Turn on the Lights, Get a Dose of Sunshine. It makes it increasingly difficult to fully wake up or stay awake when you feel as if you are in a dark cave! Turn on some bright lights in the morning and let light shine in through your windows. A good habit to get into is opening up the blinds on your windows! Light is great for boosting brain power and activity. Natural sunlight is the best, but lightboxes are a great way to get started too! People with S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) – get depressed in the winter due to lack of natural sunlight.

This suggests that sunlight has a direct effect on the activity in our brains. When we deprive our brains of light, we will stay in a groggy, sleeplike state of consciousness – that is, until we feed our brain some sunlight! Bright light clears the fog from this slower [theta] brain wave state and shifts our brain wave activity to [beta] higher frequencies. These higher frequencies promote a happy, active brain / state of mind. Sunlight also triggers the release of certain neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine – both of which are great for brain health. Any form of powerful light in the morning is great for promoting a healthy circadian rhythm and amping up your overall brain power.

Get Some Fresh Air in the House. Open up some windows in the morning! Sure it may feel a little bit chilly, but you can bet that it will make you want to wake up. Fresh air flowing through the house feels very soothing and revitalizing in the morning. Hearing the birds chirp, wind blow, and other sounds of nature is a great way to experience morning. Try it sometime and see how you like it. Obviously, though, on hot days or super cold days, you’d be a fool not to use the air conditioner or heater.

Utilize the Power of Your Brain Waves. Many people aren’t yet aware of the great brainwave entrainment software that is on the market or what it can do for them. Let’s just say it is a phenomenal way to get your morning started. You can program your brain to produce relaxed, yet alert brain wave patterns.

You can also get a jolt similar to what you get from coffee in the morning, but without the “burnout effect.” Entraining your brain waves is a phenomenal way to amp up your brain power each morning. Any session in the mid-beta to high-beta brain wave range will do a great job at getting you mentally prepared for the day. You will likely feel a huge energy boost after listening! Be sure to check out my recommended products section for the best brainwave entrainment products on the market. I personally use Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional and Mind Stereo and they can turn my morning into a miracle.

Eat a Hearty Breakfast. Eating a healthy, hearty breakfast is one of the single most powerful ways to prepare both your body and brain for the rest of the day. Researchers have always made emphasis on breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Why? Because it is the first time you’ve eaten anything for a long period of time. Breakfast gives your brain vital nutrients that it needs in order to optimally carry out mental processes the rest of the day.

If you’ve ever skipped breakfast, you know that you likely feel tired, mentally fogged, or unfocused throughout your morning and possibly the entire day! Think of breakfast as filling up your cars gas tank when it’s almost empty. If you forget to fill up with gas, you will either be running on fumes or you won’t get to your destination.

Same goes for your brain, it will either scavenge up whatever nutritional resources it had from the night before, or you will be running on “E.” Running without breakfast means that your mental performance will significantly decline! For this reason, it is important to include healthy brain foods such as: eggs, milk, fresh fruits, whole grains, and bran cereal in your morning diet! Always try to fill up the tank before you start your day!

Start the Day with Physical Exercise. When you start the day with exercise, you start the day with power. We already know that exercise is a great activity for your mind and body. It boosts energy levels, and leaves people feeling replenished, happy, and mentally clear. Exercise is an easy way to shake the sleepiness and kick-start your metabolism.

When you exercise in the morning, you also have the entire rest of your day to do other activities! Take your pets for a stroll through the park, hit the gym, or go running. Biking, rollerblading, swimming, and walking with friends are also great activities. Exercising in the morning is a great way to start each day with a powerful boost of energy.

Consider taking vitamin supplements. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements each day is definitely not a bad thing – especially if you aren’t quite sure whether or not you are getting an adequate amount of vitamins via your diet. I personally take a multivitamin each morning just as a safe measure. They are good for the health of your body, brain, and have been scientifically proven to be healthy. Though there is controversy as to whether or not popping a multivitamin pill each morning is the best option, it definitely won’t hurt. If you can afford taking vitamins, I recommend you take them just for good measure.

Visualize – See the Big Picture. Each time you plan out your day, it helps if you visualize. Close your eyes and use your imagination. Focus on picturing each and every task in which you hope to accomplish today. Visualize your life and how you’d like it to be. Feel free to use positive affirmations or goal statements to help boost your energy. Using visualization is a powerful way to start each morning. It is a phenomenal mental exercise that prepares you for all of the upcoming events in your schedule.

Add a Meditation Routine to Your Morning. Many people find it very helpful to include a meditation routine in their mornings. Research has shown that people who meditate each day for at least 15 minutes enjoy increased energy, mental activity, calmness, and alertness than those who don’t meditate. If you have never tried meditation [in the morning], be sure to give it a shot. It has potential to keep your brain cells, brain activity, and mental state at their peak for nearly the entire day. Mental reflection in the morning is great: your mind is wandering and you can easily recall experiences to reflect upon.

Do a Crossword Puzzle. There are many great mental exercises that you can perform each morning that will help keep your brain fit. Crossword puzzles, Sudokus, Brain Games, and solving math problems are all great ways to improve your mental quickness and dexterity each morning. If you enjoy reading the newspaper each morning, feel free to flip to the crossword puzzle section and test your memory or a Sudoku page and test your quickness.

Brain Waves: Health Benefits Of Alpha, Theta, & Delta

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Note: If you enjoy this article, consider reading “Benefits of Alpha and Theta Brain Waves.”

Slower brain waves can keep us healthier: mentally and physically

Utilizing brainwave entrainment consistently can definitely yield many health-related benefits. Using alpha brain waves can result in calmness, peacefulness, and relaxation – which helps block stress from crippling our immune system. Boosting theta brain waves can improve our health by making us feel younger, giving us more energy, and improving our immune system. And finally, delta brain waves allow us to produce anti-aging hormones, they boost our immune system, and allow our body to replenish itself. Each of those “slower brain waves” sound like they can produce wonderful health benefits. It definitely sounds wonderful that these “slower brain waves” are able to do such a phenomenal job at keeping us healthy.

Powerful relaxation and better overall wellbeing

A common benefit to increasing the amount of slow brain waves [i.e. alpha, theta, delta] in your brain is feeling deeply relaxed. Scientists have found that when the brain is in slower brain wave states [like alpha and theta], it produces specific hormones and “neuropeptides.” These hormones and neuropeptides that are produced have been linked to boosted memory, creativity, and ability to learn.

Each time you lower the baseline frequency of your brain waves, the more you will feel the healthy anti-stress, anti-aging hormones and neuropeptides. These naturally boost your overall level of relaxation and wellbeing. What the slower brain waves also do is increase the amount of beneficial neurotransmitters and endorphins in the brain. For example: using alpha and theta brain waves will increase your overall level of relaxation by increasing the production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is an extremely helpful neurotransmitter that has been linked to both mental and physical relaxation. Also, certain slower brainwave frequencies produce endorphins which make us feel good – like a “natural high.”

For these reasons, virtually any time you utilize brainwave entrainment, neurofeedback, meditation, or even yoga, you are able to feel more relaxed and peaceful. What do all of the mentioned exercises have in common? Though they may all be “different forms” of exercising your brain, in the end, they will all slow down your brain waves.

Why you feel “a natural high” after running

Though you may not know it or remember it, you’ve likely experienced “a natural high” – also known as, your body bein flooded with the production of endorphins. Each time that you go for a run or do any form of hard cardiovascular exercise, endorphins are released. Most people have experienced the benefits of endorphins; whether it be after a long run, basketball game, or other sporting event.

Though you will usually feel very exhausted and were very sweaty after a hard workout, you will also usually feel very good. After working out we naturally feel physically relaxed [and tired], plus – we feel mentally relaxed and calm. Though I highly recommend exercise to increase your overall level of wellbeing, it is not the only activity that will make you feel good by producing endorphins. Any time you utilize brainwave entrainment, neurofeedback, meditation, or yoga, in order to slow your brain waves, you will probably feel the same endorphins [“natural high”] that you did after a strenuous workout.

How endorphins boost our cognition [i.e. memory and learning]

Though you already know that endorphins allow our bodies to feel a natural high, you may not have known that each time we enter an alpha or theta brain wave state, specific endorphins kick-in that actually boost our overall cognition; they improve our memory and ability to learn. Scientific research has proved that in rats that were injected with endorphins had improved memories – they also were able to run through mazes more quickly. Research has also shown that the production of endorphins can actually reverse amnesia – [a condition in which memory is disrupted].

Researchers have also thought that the parts of the brain that are involved in the production of endorphins, are the exact same areas that are involved with memory and learning. One study even proposed that each time we learn – our brain releases endorphins to reward itself and to help us store our memories. This is why memorizing and ability to learn are boosted each time we have increased production of endorphins in our brains.

Increased endorphins in our brain has been linked to theta and alpha brain wave states of consciousness. Think about it: each time we are able to slow our brain waves to the alpha and / or theta range, it is naturally easier for us to drop our old beliefs and literally “learn” new beliefs. This is why you may have heard that slowing your brain waves down to theta and alpha ranges allows you to re-program your beliefs.

How alpha and theta brain waves boost our learning abilities

Catecholamines, acetylcholine, and vasopressin, are three [among many] of the beneficial hormones and other helpful neuropeptides that are produced in slower brain wave frequencies. Studies have shown that acetylcholine is vital for long term memory. They have also found that when acetylcholine production [in the brain] is high, we experience boosts in our long-term memory. More studies have found that when individuals take supplements that boost the production of acetylcholine in the brain, they are better at learning and have improved memories.

Individuals who have lower levels of acetylcholine usually struggle with tasks involving learning and memory. Individuals with the devastating Alzheimer’s disease usually have very low levels of acetylcholine. Theta brain waves have been specifically linked to the production of the neuropeptide vasopressin – a neuropeptide which improves reaction time, ability to learn, and ability to remember. Theta brain waves also have the ability to produce catecholamines which aid once again in our learning process and memory.

Boosted attention and alertness

It is not only our production of neuropeptides that allows us to learn more effectively in slower brainwave patterns. Because theta and alpha brain wave states are linked to relaxation, we experience decreased blood pressure, heart rate, and our entire body feels relaxed. This boosts the overall oxygen level in our brains and maximizes bloodflow to our cortex. This naturally boosts our attention span and level of alertness. Boosted attention and alertness makes it much easier to memorize and learn new things.

Slower brain waves and feeling young again

Are you a person that wishes you could get back some of the same energy you had when you were a kid? Though there are many products on the market to help you: look younger, feel more energetic, happier, and healthier, many do not work. Why? Because they don’t target your brain waves! Research has found that patterns of delta brain waves, theta brain waves, and alpha brain waves, positively affect the production of the hormones: melatonin, DHEA, and cortisol. These three brain wave patterns are able to slow aging, boost relaxation, and increase our overall wellbeing.

In the alpha and theta brain wave ranges, the amount of melatonin and DHEA is significantly boosted in our brains. Research has discovered that DHEA can increase over 50% in certain cases! Even more impressive were the studies on melatonin. Researchers found that slower brain waves boosted the production of melatonin by 300% in some cases! Average melatonin increases were nearly 100%… On top of all the other benefits, the production of cortisol – [a stress hormone usually produced by high-beta brain waves], declined by nearly 50%!

Increase anti-aging hormones

As mentioned earlier, the hormone “cortisol” is a powerful stress hormone that has potential to actually kill brain cells. It has been linked to sped-up aging, health problems, anxiety, and stress. Because of the problems associated with cortisol, it can have a significantly negative impact on our memory, ability to learn, and our overall wellbeing. It is definitely not favorable to have high levels of cortisol floating around in your body.

With that said, DHEA is a hormone that you want to have plenty of in your body. Like cortisol, it is produced by our adrenal glands. Usually, in your twenties, DHEA production will reach its maximum. In your thirties, DHEA production declines and as you age – it continues to decline. Individuals who are over 70 have roughly 1/5th the amount of DHEA as an individual in their twenties. When our DHEA levels drop low, we are more susceptible to developing disease, getting sick, and aging quickly. The higher we keep our levels of DHEA, the less likely we are to get sick, become stressed out, or speed up our aging process.

Lastly, we notice significant improvements with the hormone melatonin. Melatonin has been linked to better, more restful sleep. You already know that sleep is very beneficial for replenishing the brain and body with vital neurotransmitters and hormones. Each time we get a quality night’s sleep, we help ward off the aging process. When we get poor quality sleep, we speed up our aging process. Like DHEA, the amount of melatonin produced in our bodies declines as we get older. For this reason, it is important to lower our brain waves to the alpha and theta rhythms and boost our melatonin levels.

Why slower brain waves release helpful neurotransmitters

Hopefully, you now fully [or better] understand that when you increase your alpha, theta, and delta brain waves [slower brain waves] your brain naturally increases the production of beneficial hormones. This is why many people [including researchers] consider activities such as: brainwave entrainment, meditation, and yoga to be beneficial. Have you ever questioned why the brain produces these helpful hormones and neurotransmitters in the slower brainwave frequencies?

Well, according to scientific research, neurons [“brain cells”] are electrochemically triggered to produce certain neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and certain hormones at certain brainwave frequencies. Neurons are almost “activated” to produce certain neurochemicals when they are interacting with certain brainwave frequencies. Think of brain waves as communication in the brain. The neurons and the brain communicate by sending specific brainwave frequencies.

This is why each time your brain waves are slowed to the alpha range or theta range, they produce different, more helpful neurochemicals than they would in the beta range. Slowing your brain waves with entrainment is comparable to sending a direct message to your brain cells to start creating helpful neurochemicals. The concept is easy to understand too. Each time you get a quality night’s sleep, your brain shifts to the lower theta and delta ranges.

When you wake up, you usually feel like your energy supply has been replenished… That’s because your energy supply was replenished by the delta and theta brain waves. They produced many helpful, healing hormones and neurotransmitters while you were asleep! Though slower brain waves tend to have a lot of health-related benefits, you should never rule out your beta brain waves. Each brain wave has something helpful to offer / bring to the table.

5 Main Types Of Brainwaves:

  1. Beta Brainwaves
  2. Alpha Brainwaves
  3. Theta Brainwaves
  4. Delta Brainwaves
  5. Gamma Brainwaves

Alpha Brain Waves: Connect Conscious and Subconscious Mind

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Note: If you enjoy this article, consider reading Understanding The “Alpha Brainwave”.

Alpha brain waves are the second fastest in the lineup of basic brain wave frequencies [beta, alpha, theta, delta] – beta waves being the fastest. Alpha brain waves are usually in the range of frequencies between 8 Hz – 12 Hz. Alpha waves are very easy to notice on the E.E.G. – they are very strong, smooth brain waves.

An interesting factoid: alpha brainwaves were the first brainwave group to be researched and the first group to be discovered. The alpha brain wave rhythm is also considered to be the “safest” of the brain wave frequencies to use during brainwave entrainment and neurofeedback. Why? Because out of all four groups of brain waves [beta, alpha, theta, delta], alpha waves usually yield the most benefits via entrainment and rarely produce any unwanted side-effects.

Alpha brainwaves bridge the conscious mind with the subconscious

Alpha brain waves allow you to understand what is going on in your subconscious mind after meditation and after dreaming. Without the presence of alpha waves in your E.E.G. after dreaming, your brain would not be able to transfer subconscious information to the conscious mind. Alpha waves are the connection that allows information to be transfered between subconscious and conscious. Each time you remember a dream that you had, you used alpha brain waves.

Each time that you visualize or go into meditation, your alpha brain waves likely kicked in. Alpha waves are a key part of providing clear, vivid visualization sessions. They allow you to use your imagination, tap your subconscious creativity, and express the creativity through your conscious mind. The alpha waves are usually also at work each time you daydream or use your imagination.

Why alpha brain waves are called “alpha brain waves”

Dr. Hans Berger who was a psychiatrist from Austria first discovered electrical waves in the brain in the year 1908. Berger called these electrical waves “alpha brain waves” due to the fact that they were the first brain wave to be discovered. Another interesting fact about Dr. Hans Berger is the fact that he was the inventor of the E.E.G. machine, better known as an electroencephalograph. The E.E.G. machine is what allows researchers, scientists, and neurofeedback practitioners to understand brainwave activity.

It works by amplifying, recording, and creating graphs of electrical activities in the brain. After using the E.E.G., researchers quickly found other forms of brain activity. Beta waves were discovered next, then delta waves, then theta waves. After all the basic brain waves were discovered, gamma brain waves were found.

Eventually, in the 1950’s, scientists discovered that it was indeed possible for individuals to learn to take full conscious control over their brainwaves. These scientists learned that meditation allowed people to slow their brain waves from the common beta range down to theta and alpha waves.

Know when you access “alpha brain waves”

Each time that you are daydreaming or not fully awake, you are in the alpha brain wave range. The state of mind ‘right-before’ you fall asleep is usually comprised of lots of alpha brain waves. Individuals who lack normal amounts of alpha brain waves usually have insomnia, anxiety, sleep disorders, or high stress. This is why increasing alpha waves for overstressed people can be extremely effective at helping them fall asleep.

I can personally vouch for the use of alpha brain waves to fall asleep. In fact, I used them last night to put me out! I played a 10 Hz alpha brain wave created session and within 10 minutes, I was asleep – I didn’t even know about it. They can be a great tool when utilized effectively! Other times that your brain uses alpha brain waves includes: each time you watch T.V., each time you are relaxing, each mediation session, each time you close your eyes, each time you breathe deeply, or feel completely relaxed during a hot / steamy shower.

For information on how you can increase the production of alpha brain waves in your brain, check out the article 20 Ways To Murder Stress. About 5 of the activities mentioned in that article will do a great job at increasing alpha production. Any time you feel relaxation, your alpha waves are at work! Each time that you feel both mentally and physically relaxed, you are in a state of alpha brain waves.

The first time that I heard about alpha brain waves, I thought that they sounded like a good brain wave range, but I also thought that they would make me drowsy and wanting to sleep, so I stayed away from using them and stuck with beta. When I finally decided to use alpha brain waves, it was an incredible experience.

I found a new state-of-mind that allowed me to remain peaceful, calm, and relaxed – all while maintaining a positive mental state. It really felt great to finally experience alpha waves. Now, I use alpha brain waves a lot more because I know what they can do for me. I use them to help me fall asleep quickly or for some powerful relaxation sessions. Each time when I’ve been stressed out and used alpha brain waves, my relaxation level skyrocketed after about 15 minutes of use. I really didn’t think they could work as effectively as they actually did!

My description of “alpha brain waves”

Think about your entire body and mind being fully relaxed and peaceful. You may feel slightly spaced out, but it actually feels very pleasant. If you’ve every got a very relaxing massage or sat in a hot-tub to the point of relaxation, this is what the alpha brain waves feel like. All of this will usually be followed by inner-calmness, silence, and quietude – as if your entire world was silent and completely still.

It’s still very difficult for you to fully understand alpha brain waves if you haven’t experienced them. In fact, some people NEVER experience the alpha range for most of their lives! Though my description definitely will help you understand alpha brain waves better, it is still recommended to experience them for yourself. Why? Because describing alpha brain waves is comparable to telling you what chocolate tastes like.

I can describe the chocolate by using many different adjectives and descriptors, but in the end, you really must try the chocolate in order to fully understand it and appreciate it. Same rules apply for the alpha brain wave state of consciousness. When you are finally able to fully understand the alpha brain wave range, you will feel liberated and open to an entirely new world!

It really is an amazing experience, but one that you need to experience for yourself. If you are interested in experiencing powerful alpha brain waves, I recommend either Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional or Mind Work Station. These products will get you started and definitely will help you get into the alpha range. I personally use Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional sessions usually at around 10 Hz and they’ve been absolutely phenomenal.

5 Main Types Of Brainwaves:

  1. Beta Brainwaves
  2. Alpha Brainwaves
  3. Theta Brainwaves
  4. Delta Brainwaves
  5. Gamma Brainwaves

Theta Brain Waves: Master Subconscious Mind Power

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Note: If you enjoy this article, consider reading Understanding The “Theta Brainwave”.

Theta brain waves typically range from 4 Hz to 8 Hz. Theta brain waves are associated with the “subconscious mind” and are usually produced in the right-hemisphere of the brain – as opposed to beta brain waves, which are produced in the left-hemisphere and are associated with the “conscious mind.” The brain creates theta brain wave rhythms each time you are in “dream sleep.” Also, during R.E.M. [Rapid-Eye Movement] sleep, the brain is full of theta brain wave activity.

Nearly 3/5 of your entire time spent sleeping at night involves the production of theta brain waves in your brain. Many individuals also are able to access theta brain waves when they are: driving for a long stretch on the highway, practicing their meditation routine, using a self-hypnosis recording, or practicing other forms of deep relaxation. When you are able to consciously access the alpha brain waves state, you are just one step away from accessing the depths of theta.

What’s cool about theta brain waves is the fact that they allow you to connect with your “subconscious mind.” The subconscious mind is the place where all experiences, long-term memories, natural creativity, powerful emotions, spiritual connections, and inspiration are all stored. Think of the “subconscious mind” as one big, infinite storage space for “everything” in your life. The theta brain waves are extremely helpful for healing the body of injury and the mind of diseased-states.

Theta brain waves: tap the subconscious

Theta brain waves are such an important pattern of brain waves due to their ability to grant us access to our subconscious mind power. Accessing the theta rhythm allows us to influence and consciously control our “subconscious mind.” How does this happen? Well, each time you are in theta, you are able to pass through your conscious mind. Passing through your “conscious mind” is often a good idea. Why? Because our conscious minds’ beta-brain wave activity usually acts as a “fence” or “gate.”

This “gate” often can prevent us from manipulating or changing our deep-rooted thought patterns in our subconscious mind. This “gate” can also make it very difficult for us to change our emotional state, thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and attitudes if we don’t know how to pass through it. Another interesting fact is that our “subconscious mind,” accepts any affirmations, incantations, or statements that you feed it. It doesn’t question the statement or think about the statement, it begins to act upon the statement immediately!

For this reason, it is actually quite easy to get rid of any negative emotions or thought patterns if you are able to access this state. You can get rid of these thought patterns by implanting new beliefs into your “subconscious mind.” This is why accessing the subconscious mind via hypnosis can have a powerful effect on a person. The reason hypnosis can be successful is because it allows you to pass through the “gate” and add any desirable affirmations, statements, and beliefs directly inside your subconscious mind.

Access your inner “Zen”

Scientists have known that during deep meditation, the amplitude (strength) of theta brain waves will increase. The deeper you are able to go into meditation, the more powerful your theta brain waves will be. Scientists also have discovered the fact that the emotions for “bliss” and deep internal “peace,” are only felt when theta brain waves are dominant on the E.E.G.

Want to amp up your spiritual life? Well, it has also been noted by researchers that it is theta brain waves that allow individuals to experience their “strongest spiritual connection.” Certain scientists even believe that it is possible to speed-up the process of connecting with the spirit. After this research, many personal development products and practices were created. Many of these personal development products created lots of hype because they seemed like the quickest way to feel “bliss” and “peace” – without spending years meditating.

They claimed to help individuals access their “inner Zen” and also claimed they would experience great health-related benefits. These products included relaxation programs, brainwave CD’s, and self-hypnosis recordings. Many of these will not work to help you access your “inner Zen,” but some definitely do. One product that I frequently use and highly recommend is Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional. Thus far, it has allowed me to have better control of my mind, state of consciousness, and emotions. I highly recommend at least giving the free 30 day trial version a shot if you don’t want to buy it!

Theta brain waves linked to “ah-ha” moments

Though alpha brain waves have been linked to “ah-ha” moments, many individuals have experienced them in the theta brain wave range as well! Since theta brain waves are associated with the creativity, infinite data, and inspiration of the “subconscious mind,” it makes perfect sense that “ah-ha” experiences occur in this brainwave range. For this reason, you can usually hear famous musicians, scientists, writers, actors, and other creative individuals discuss how they “found inspiration.”

Many people assume that researchers only spend all day slaving away in a laboratory with little mice trying to make a breakthrough discovery. What’s interesting though, is the fact that most (if not all) of major scientific breakthroughs and / or inventions have been a result of intuitive guidance via mental imagery, dreams, and hunches that scientists received when their brains’ were in the theta brain wave range and they had some access to their subconscious mind.

These scientists were usually: relaxing, sleeping, driving home from work, and doing non-work related activities! During these “ah-ha” moments that many scientists have had, their brains’ were full of activity in the subconscious mind. The majority of the best scientists are completely aware of how the “subconscious mind” works. Just to name a few geniuses such as: August Kekulé, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, have all tapped the power of their subconscious mind to help them make huge breakthroughs.

As you may now understand, your ability to utilize and harness the power of your subconscious mind is an extremely important factor in determining the success of many individuals (i.e. scientists, authors, researchers, musicians, etc.). Are you currently utilizing the power of your subconscious to help you solve problems or stay inspired? If not, just take a second to think about how much more efficient and powerful you could be if you were able to ‘shift’ into theta brain waves when you felt it necessary!

Unfortunately, many people aren’t able to access this theta brain waves state of consciousness due to certain factors such as: stress and disease. For these individuals, Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional will definitely get them on the right track.

Waking up in theta brain waves?

Each time that theta brain waves flood your brain, you are temporarily detached from your body and awareness. This is why each time you wake up when your brain is in the theta phase of your sleep cycle, you won’t remember anything. If you’ve ever laid down to relax, ended up falling asleep, and then woke up long past your normal waking tim, you’ve likely experienced some quality theta brain waves.

Remember, that how you feel and your entire “waking up” experience depends completely on the brainwave pattern of sleep you’re in before awakening! Below is a recap of the basic brain waves that you can awaken from and what you’ll likely feel like in each state.

How you feel when waking – phase of sleep cycle

Each brainwave state it is possible to wake up from:

  • Alpha brain waves: You will feel extremely energized, pumped-up, alert, awake, and ready for whatever the day has to bring. When waking in this state, you’ll also be able to completely remember most of your dreams from throughout the night.
  • Theta brain waves: You will feel very surprised that so much time has passed while you were asleep. You won’t remember the act of falling asleep. The last thing you’ll remember is laying down on your bed – before you realize it, it’s already the morning! Each time you wake up in the theta brain waves state and your brain doesn’t shift from: theta to alpha before going into the beta brain waves state, you won’t recall any of your dreams.
  • Delta brain waves: It is extremely tough for any individual to wake up if their brain is producing mostly delta brainwaves. However, if you do happen to wake up during this phase of sleep, you will feel irritable, unaware, and very tired. It will take a lot of effort to get yourself out of bed! Definitely not a good phase of brain waves to wake up in!

Master your brain with all 4 types of brain waves

Once again, it’s very important for you to understand that though theta brainwaves can be very beneficial and helpful – they are not the most important brainwave pattern. In fact, none of the 4 basic brain wave patterns (beta, alpha, theta, delta) are considered “most beneficial” or “best brainwave.” All brain waves are of equal importance and serve their intended purpose. They all have certain benefits and drawbacks in certain situations.

The key is to cultivate a good combination of each of the 4 brain waves [beta, alpha, theta, delta] in order to take full control of your mind and life. This can be accomplished via meditation or neurofeedback. Both activities allow you to take “conscious” control over your brain wave patterns and consciously “shift” to an optimal brainwave for any given situation. This makes life much easier for us to live because we are able to optimally deal with any situation.

When you are able to incorporate theta brain waves in your life, you may feel peaceful and blissful during a session of meditation, but you may not even be able to remember it! Why? Theta brain waves involve the subconscious mind and if we don’t have any alpha brain wave activity to transfer this “subconscious information” to our conscious mind (beta waves) – you’ll believe that you know something on a deeper level, but aren’t sure what because you cannot remember it!

Accessing alpha, but not being able to tap theta waves will allow you to feel relaxed, more internally aware, but will not have the emotional intensity, creative insights, or the spiritual-connection that can only be accessed through theta waves. This is why being able to tap both the theta brain waves, while also having access to alpha waves, allows our brains to transfer important information, emotions, and insights to our conscious mind [because alpha bridges the gap between the “subconscious mind” (theta waves) and “conscious mind” (beta waves). This allows us to actually use the information that our theta range can provide.

Hopefully that last paragraph helped you understand why all four patterns of brainwaves are needed to master the brain. And in case you were wondering about delta brain waves – just think of them as one stage deeper than theta brain waves. In order to transfer information from the delta brainwave range to your “conscious mind,” you need to utilize “theta” (receives information from delta) – “alpha” (receives information from theta) – and “beta” (receives information from alpha). This allows us to be consciously aware of even the deepest universal knowledge and truths.

As you may have already guessed, mastering your brain waves will allow you to live the life of your dreams and consciously create your reality. However, it takes work – and, most people don’t put in work… Which is why a minority of the population is able to live out their dreams! Anyways, the key is to be sure you’re in an optimal brain wave state for your given situation. For more information on each of the various brainwaves, and understand which brainwave pattern is optimal, check out each of the descriptions posted below!

5 Main Types Of Brainwaves:

  1. Beta Brainwaves
  2. Alpha Brainwaves
  3. Theta Brainwaves
  4. Delta Brainwaves
  5. Gamma Brainwaves

Delta Brain Waves: Slowest, Most Confusing Brainwaves

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Note: If you enjoy this article, consider reading Understanding The “Delta Brainwave”.

Delta brain waves are the slowest of all your brainwaves. They usually fall within the frequency range of 0 – 4 Hz. When your brain waves reach levels below 0.1 Hz, you will literally be “brain dead.” Unlike theta brainwaves, which are commonly associated with the “subconscious mind” – delta brain waves are associated with the “unconscious mind.” Due to delta brainwaves being the least understood amongst brain waves [besides gamma] – I’ve decided to provide you with some quality information and hopefully clear up any misunderstandings.

Delta brain waves have long been linked to stages 3 and 4 of sleep. The delta brainwave range is considered “the lowest brainwave frequency. A decreased sense of awareness, increased empathy, and access to the “unconscious mind” are common. It is extremely rare to have conscious awareness of delta brainwaves. Only certain highly spiritual individuals, gurus, yogis, monks, and avid meditators usually are able to consciously access this brainwave range.

Being in delta is like being in the most deeply relaxing trance or non-physical awareness. Usually, when individuals are asleep in the delta range, their other brainwave patterns shut down and delta takes over. If you’ve ever woken up and felt irritable, unconscious, confused, or disorientated, you likely woke up during your delta stage of sleep.

Boosted intuition and psychic skills

The slower, delta brain wave frequencies have long been linked to boosted intuition and even the cultivation of “psychic skills” in certain individuals. What’s interesting is the fact that in some individuals, delta brain waves are present [show up in the E.E.G.] of people while they are awake – along with the other basic brainwave patterns [beta, alpha, theta]. They will never be found as the only brainwave pattern while someone is awake! There usually needs to be some beta, alpha, and theta if delta is displayed while awake.

Anyways, researchers have found that individuals who usually have an uncanny intuition and possibly psychic abilities, usually have delta brainwaves appearing in their waking E.E.G.’s. Think of delta brain waves as a radar system that helps our intuition sense when any form of danger is lurking. Though we don’t always need to sense danger via “gut instinct” or intuition, delta brain waves can be a great form of help. Delta brain waves are a very indigenous, anamalistic, primal-type brainwave rhythm that give us a deeper sense of “instinct.” Basically, the delta brainwaves allow us to be more aware of information that isn’t available to our conscious, beta-brainwave fueled, brains.

Healing the mind and body

Frequencies in the delta range have been linked to healing the mind and body of a wide-variety of ailments and illnesses. Researchers have even discovered that within the delta brainwave range, some frequencies are even able to produce healthy substances such as: DHEA, melatonin, and H.G.H. (Human Growth Hormone). When the delta rhythms run through our brain, it naturally produces a different set of neurotransmitters and substances. With software like Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional, you can stimulate these delta brainwave frequencies and increase the healing speed of your brain and body.

The melatonin, H.G.H. (human growth hormone), and DHEA that delta brain waves are able to slow and or reverse the effects of aging. Another benefit of increasing the amount of delta brainwaves is the reduced production of the “stress hormone” called “cortisol.” Reducing cortisol is great for the body and brain! Why? Because increased levels of cortisol can and will actually kill brain cells, plus speed up the process of physical and mental aging.

In the book “The High-Performance Mind” [written by Anna Wise], Anna Wise writes that individuals who are therapists, guides, teachers, and those into professions which involve “helping others” tend to have delta brain waves while awake. She also notes that spiritually advanced individuals and healers tend to display plenty of delta brainwaves. It has been said that these “unconscious brain waves” give them more understanding and access to other individuals’ mental and emotional state.

Delta brain waves to “master the brain”?

The rhythms of delta brain waves allow us to tap into “universal knowledge,” or the mind beyond our own. This “universal knowledge” has been referred to as the “collective unconscious” – which is comparable to one large pool of the collective knowledge and understanding all of humanity. The delta brain waves give our minds’ the opportunity to enter the gateway which connects our intuition with the collective unconscious.

How are delta waves compared to theta brain waves? Theta brain waves give us insights from our “subconscious mind” – our deepest being and deepest internal spirituality. Theta brain waves look internally and are much more personally meaningful to each individual. Delta waves provide us with access to external unconscious material.

From theta and delta, we will never be consciously aware of the information we have access to unless it gets transferred through our subconscious via the alpha brain waves. Alpha brainwaves are able to pass insights and messages from the deeper, theta and delta brainwaves. Usually, they add specific pictures and imagery around the messages in order for our “conscious beta-brainwave geared” mind is able to understand the messages. After the messages from the theta brain waves and delta brain waves get transferred through the alpha range to the beta range, they can be understood and acted upon.

It is important to realize that there is no single brainwave pattern that is optimal to have at all times. Each of the four main types of brain waves come with benefits and drawbacks. Beta brain waves are great for communication and thinking logically, while delta brain waves are great for intuition and accessing “universal knowledge.” After reading this article, I hope that you understand that in order to take full control of your mind and maximize your brain power, you must learn to take control of each of the four brain waves!

Benefits Of Alpha Brain Waves and Theta Brain Waves

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After spending time reading about brain waves, you probably have gotten the impression that slowing down your brain waves from a high-beta state – or even from a normal beta state – down to an alpha or theta brainwave state can be very beneficial. There are tons of great side-effects that can occur from being able to shift your brainwaves to a slower, synchronized rhythm in the alpha or theta wave ranges. In this article, I hoped to cover some of the healthy effects that have long been associated with slowing your brain waves to a slower alpha or theta state of consciousness.

Slower brainwaves improve your memory

Do you often have trouble remembering where you set your car keys? How about your sunglasses? After meeting someone new, are you able to remember their name? Or are you the type of person who remembers the face, but can never remember the name? Maybe you forgot where you placed your i-Pod… You are desperately trying to think of where you put it, but no matter how much thinking you do, you just drive yourself crazy! Then, out of nowhere, a few days later, the exact location of your i-Pod magically pops into your head.

Each time you have the ability to recall a person’s facial features, past events, name (or nickname), or recall any other past information, the rhythms of your brain waves usually change temporarily from a state of beta to one of alpha. If you have ever been stressed for a long period of time, you get what’s called “alpha block.” Alpha block is a reduced ability to generate alpha brainwaves due to the high production rate of high-beta frequencies. When you aren’t able to generate a healthy amount of alpha, you’ll likely have reduced ability to remember things.

Understand that alpha brain waves are like a “go-between” that connect the conscious brain with the subconscious. This is why when you attempt to remember a past event, the brain quickly shifts into an alpha brainwave state – which allows you to dig up a memory from the subconscious and transfer it to your conscious mind. Once it is in the conscious [beta brainwave] mind, you are able to talk about the experience, write about it, and think about it.

Are you able to easily relax?

When you are able to easily relax after a stressful or highly-stimulating event, you’re brain waves are likely very flexible. You are likely easily able to shift to the slower, higher amplitude brainwaves of alpha and theta. In the alpha and theta states, you feel very peaceful, content, and relaxed – no matter what’s going on around you.

What many people may not realize is that it is impossible to access a state of alpha brain waves when you are not relaxed both mentally and physically! I think we all know that being able to remain calm and cool even when others are nervous or scared can definitely help you remain collected and allow you to make wise decisions – even when others are in states of panic. For this reason, slower brainwaves can help you make smart business decisions, peacefully mediate arguments, and even help others remain calm when they are in those high-beta brainwave, panicky states.

Look into the eyes of others

Have you ever looked directly at the eyes of another person when they attempt to remember something or dig up a past memory? It is common, in most people, to look directly up when trying to remember a past event. This is for a good explanation for the “looking up” though: researchers have discovered that each time that your eyes look 30 degrees upwards, the brain produces a short, quick burst of alpha brain waves.

The simple act of “closing your eyes” has been linked to an increased production of alpha brainwaves. Each time that you close your eyelids and look up [with your eyes still closed], the production of alpha brain waves becomes even more powerful. Most researchers on the topic aren’t fully knowledgeable as to why this happens. With that said, many spiritual teachers have come to believe that the increase in alpha is due to accessing your subconscious mind via an energy center on your forehead called the “brow” [or “third-eye”] chakra.

Note: If you’d like to further improve your memory, I highly recommend checking out my article: “Tips To Improve Your Memory.”

Peak performance and improved concentration

States of “peak performance”

Do you ever get the feeling that your life is going perfect? Or have you ever experienced a period of time in your life where you would describe things as “the best?” Maybe you got a hole in one golfing for the first time and improved your score for about a month straight. We all have had times in our lives when everything felt damn near perfect. This state of mind is referred to as “peak performance” or “in the zone.” Everything seems to “flow” perfectly and you feel as if nothing will go wrong. Time goes by incredibly quickly, and before you know it, you’ve already accomplished a huge task – that felt easy.

Though, not all of our days here go as smoothly as when we are in a state of “peak performance” or “optimal functioning.” The phenomenal news is that you can actually train your brain to shift into that “peak performance” or “in the zone” state of consciousness. Often times people aren’t aware that they can consciously replicate this state. Great ways to replicate this state of mind and take control of your reality are as follows:

  • brainwave entrainment – you can flex your brain waves to this state temporarily
  • meditation – you can take conscious control over your mental state
  • neurofeedback – you can train your brain to produce this state
  • self-hypnosis – you can train yourself to access a “zone type state.”

Alpha brainwaves improve our ability to concentrate

Alpha brain waves are able to significantly improve our ability to focus and concentrate. Why? Because alpha brain waves make you use both hemispheres of your brain in the process – instead of relying on your dominant side for concentration. Usually, individuals have a hemispheric dominance in their brains: either right or left. The majority of people have a dominant left-hemisphere. When you are able to access the alpha brainwave state, both hemispheres of your brain are able to share the dominance – they work together.

Sports Teams: Beta brainwaves = 1/2 team vs. Alpha brainwaves = full team

Think of it like a sports team – we’ll use football as an example. When you are in a beta brain wave state, usually only your left-hemisphere is active. So to go along with our “football example” – this would be like only the defense playing well, with the team’s offense being a non-factor. This team would likely loose the game, no matter how good their defense plays – they need to score on offense.

When your brain is able to shift down to an alpha brain wave state, think of it as both the offense and defense playing great together. Both are doing a great job and the team will have absolutely zero problems with winning the game. Alpha brain waves: things go much more smoothly when the team is playing well together and every player is performing. Beta brain waves: it is much more difficult to win when only 1/2 the team “shows up to play.”

Boost your overall energy, youth, and happiness

Have you ever wondered why young children have tons of energy in comparison to adults? Usually, children have so much energy and self-esteem that many adults literally can get tired just watching them. They are like little Energizer bunnies the way they keep going and going without any expression of fatigue… Take a second to think about how energized and “pumped up” children feel about their life. Kids always have a positive, happy-go-lucky, ready-for-anything, look on their faces.

Brain waves: Children vs. Adults

Scientists have thoroughly researched the brain waves of children. They found that children spend most of their time in either the “alpha brainwave” pattern, “theta brainwave” pattern, or a heavily mixed combination of both. As children grow up and become adults, their brains begin producing increased beta brain waves.

This is definitely not a bad thing, as mentioned in the article: Beta Brain Waves: Alert, Awake, and Stressful States. Why? Because without beta brain waves, we’d have a difficult time logically communicating, writing, analyzing, thinking, and organizing. The beta brainwave state is optimal for completing tasks like these.

A key problem, though, is that the majority of the adult population fails to recognize that they spend too much time in the beta brainwave state, and don’t get enough alpha or theta waves. The lack of alpha and theta brainwave patterns can reflect the feelings that adults have. Many may feel that “something is missing” in their lives, or even have a midlife crisis and attempt to rediscover their youth.

The alpha and theta waves are what people are missing when they are talking about trying to find the same happiness and carefree attitude as they did when they were a kid. The alpha brainwave patterns can bring back some much needed energy, happiness, and self-esteem that young children generally display. What if you were even able to direct your excess energy towards completing your goals?

You’d be literally unstoppable and the time you spend “working” would seem to fly by because you’d much more zest and excitement in your life. You can only imagine how much better your life would feel if you had extra self-esteem, a larger energy supply, and felt as happy as you did when you were a kid. Likely, you’d have much less resistance when attempting to accomplish bigger goals because you’d feel so great!

A boosted brain = a boosted immune system

Scientific breakthroughs have recently found a direct relationship between the health of the brain and the health of the body. Look up “psychoneuroimmunology” sometime and you’ll read about some interesting discoveries. Psychoneuroimmunologists understand that people who are consistently stressed out, emotionally drained or depressed, or other mental health issues, have a much more difficult time fending off sickness. These individuals come down with sicknesses much more often than those who feel positive, happy, and have a healthier brain.

Other scientific research has shown a clear link between slower brain waves and a quicker “healing time” from bodily injuries such as: bruises, cuts, scratches, or other deep wounds. What’s crazy is that some scientists even believe that when a person is in a state of alpha or theta brain waves, the healing-rate becomes 10 times quicker! This is really an impressive find.

The slower, alpha and theta brain wave patterns are often very common in the brains’ of people who consistently practice meditation. For this reason, it is not at all surprising that individuals who practice meditation can reap significant health-related benefits. Accessing alpha or theta brainwaves for just 20 minutes can result in lowered stress and anger levels, lower blood pressure, headache relief, and in some cases, even a happier mood!

After reading these claims awhile ago, I remained a bit skeptical. With that said, when I finally did some experimentation in the alpha and theta brainwave ranges, I came to notice an improved immune system, I felt healthier, and had more energy than normally. I still did get sick at times, but it was less frequently and I usually recovered at a quicker rate.

Say goodbye to your insomnia

I love the way alpha and theta brainwaves can work wonders for insomniacs. I used to struggle with insomnia and sometimes my only options were to: A) pop a Xanax and fall asleep or B) Stay up until 3:00 A.M. before finally managing to fall asleep. When popping a Xanax, I didn’t like the feeling of being “drugged up,” and having to rely on a pill to fall asleep. That is purely unnatural. When I stayed up until 3:00 A.M. I felt completely burnt out and tired the next day. Both options were horrible and stress had me in what I perceived lose-lose situation.

After finally discovering brainwave entrainment, I began to experiment with various sessions. I realized that in order for us to get quality sleep, our brains need to ’shift’ from the intense, fast-paced beta brainwaves down to alpha brainwaves. Without being able to shift from beta to alpha, we shift from the stressful “high-beta” directly to “theta” or “delta” and skip alpha. Skipping alpha in order to fall asleep results in terrible quality of sleep.

What worked best for me was using various alpha brainwave entrainment sessions via Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional while laying in bed, hoping to fall asleep. It seemed that even if I wasn’t able to fall asleep, I was in fact able to calm my racing-thoughts / rapid-thinking down to a relaxed state. This allowed me to at least fall asleep in a quicker period of time. After a couple weeks of consistently listening to alpha sessions before bed, I was able to fall asleep when I wanted and very quickly.

Stop and take a second to think about this. Being in an alpha brain wave state means feeling both mentally and physically relaxed. When your brain calms down into a state of alpha, the constant chatter [rapid-thoughts] of your beta brainwaves slow down. This state of “idling” in alpha allows your brain to shift even further down into the theta brain wave frequencies. You are now able to enjoy a healthy, good night’s sleep!

It is also important that in the first stage of sleep (N1), your brain always enters alpha. This is why when you slow your brain waves to the alpha range from beta, your brain naturally believes you are ready to fall asleep… Followed by this, something amazing happens: you do! You actually fall asleep and defeat your insomnia! Say goodbye to Ambien, Lunesta, [insert sleeping pill here], Xanax, alcohol, etc. Whoop whoop!

Take a nap and wake up in alpha waves

Waking up in an alpha brainwave state

Ever wake up feeling alert, energized, refreshed, and pumped up for the day? Well, each time that a person wakes up in an alpha brain wave state, they’ll usually feel highly energetic and is literally able to “jump out of bed.” No matter if you just slept a short period of time or a full night – if you wake up in an alpha brain wave state, you’ll feel extremely refreshed. Nearly 20 minutes after falling asleep, your brain shifts down into a state of alpha. After around 20 minutes, your brain dives down into the range of theta brain waves.

Famous people who had much success with “power naps”

The whole key is to wake up in a state of alpha. If you consistently wake up while your brain is in the delta brain wave rhythm or even theta, you will feel very groggy, tired, and will feel like sleeping a lot longer. This is why research has proved that taking a short power nap can increase your overall energy levels and boost your brain power.

When you take a short nap, you are very likely to wake up in a state of alpha. Many influential leaders who enjoyed taking power naps throughout their day include: Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte, Salvador Dali, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Thomas Edison.

Why napping is good for your brain

A study done by researchers at Harvard University, found that individuals who took a small “power nap” at around midday, actually performed better at memory tasks and learning when compared to individuals who didn’t take a nap. Though it may seem ridiculous, many companies who have advocated napping at around lunchtime noticed significantly boosted mood and productivity amongst their workers.

The director at the Sleep Disorder Center of the University of New Mexico, named (Dr.) Amanda Beck, believes that it is best for everyone to take about a 15 minute nap at around noon. Why? Because even taking a 15 minute “power nap” can boost energy in tired workers. Dr. Beck also stated that, “In a lot of ways, taking a nap is lot better than a cup of coffee.” It definitely wouldn’t hurt to remind your boss of this interesting fact when he finds you asleep shortly after lunch break!

Boost your intuition and “gut instinct”

A cool side-effect associated with increased alpha waves- and especially increased theta brainwaves is a boosted intuition or “gut instinct.” Often times using our “gut instinct” and intuition can be of great help when making decisions. When your brain is in an alpha-theta brain wave state, you have access to the subconscious and deeper intuition. Has there ever been a time in your life when you were thinking of a person – and before you know it, you see that same person later in the day?

Some believe that it is the intuition – or even psychic ability – [provided by theta brainwaves] that allows us to be aware that we will probably see the person who pops into our head, predict that a person is going to call before they do, or even predict a song will come on the radio right before it does. This is how things work: alpha brain waves link your conscious mind with your subconscious mind.

When you are in an alpha-theta state, you are able to dig up some subconscious knowledge and intuition and transfer that information from the subconscious [theta waves], through the conscious-subconscious barrier [alpha waves], and into the conscious [beta waves]. This is why when your slower brainwaves are stronger, it is easier to dig up subconscious advice, memories, or other information.

Interesting facts about slow brain waves

Women are naturally more intuitive than men

Have you ever heard the rumor that women have strong intuitions? Well, if you have, that rumor is actually true! After analyzing the brain waves of women and men, scientists learned that most womens’ brains are naturally running at slower brain wave rhythms than the brains’ of men. On average, the brains of women were found to be operating near the alpha range during their waking hours. For this reason, women can tend to dig up a lot of subconscious dirt via their intuition and sense certain things that most men likely aren’t aware of.

Younger children are highly intuitive

Younger children are also very intuitive. Right before arguments or negative situations, most children can sense when there’s something wrong. This is because most kids have plenty of alpha and theta brain waves. Interestingly enough, the same concept applies for animals – your pets. Oddly enough, the brain waves of animals have been discovered to be primarily in the theta range of high intuition and emotion.

Your pets are extremely intuitive too

For the pet owners out there – you probably understand that your dog or cat seems to know when something is wrong or when you feel angry. Many times, animals have been reported as having E.S.P abilities: they warn their caretaker in some way before a devastating event – they usually act very funny or differently. There are also sometimes cases where dogs seem to sense their owners coming back to the house – without actually seeing them pull in to the garage. It is the intuition that is provided by theta waves that gives them some extra knowledge about their owners’ returning to the house.

Beta Brain Waves: Alert, Awake, and Stressful States

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Out of all the brainwave patterns, beta brainwaves are most commonly found in awake individuals. They are the fastest brainwave pattern, ranging from 12 Hz to Hz to 38 Hz – [anything beyond 38 Hz is usually classified as the gamma brainwave rhythm]. The left-hemisphere of our brains, involved with the production of beta brainwaves, has been linked to conscious thought and being “fully awake.” Virtually all individuals besides children, and people with A.D.D., are in beta brainwave states upon awakening.

Why do you need beta brainwaves?

Beta brainwaves are what is used by your brain to help you function in society. If you were without any beta brainwaves, you would be unable to function while you are awake. You would basically be an awake, “brain-dead zombie.” As you are reading this article, your brain is generating beta brainwaves. Activities such as: reading, writing, calculations, and work which involves thinking, all require your brain to amp up the production of beta brainwaves.

Other things such as: reasoning, alertness, logical thinking, and critical thinking are all linked to the production of beta brainwaves. Your brain also uses beta brainwaves to memorize things, plan, think deeply, interpret data, and to organize things [including your thoughts].

The older you are, the more beta brainwaves you’ll have.

Beta brainwaves are very common in adults in comparison to children. Therefore, beta brainwaves are considered to be a “grown up” type of brainwave. Scientists have long understood that most children spend most of their waking hours in theta and alpha brainwave states. Researchers have also understood that as children get older and learn to be more “mature” or “grown up,” the amount of their beta brainwaves increase. With very few exceptions, most brains of adults commonly generate lots of the beta rhythm.

Usually, beta brainwaves increase in children when they begin going to school. This makes perfect sense, due to the conscious, left-brain promotion at schools. You are taught to be highly logical and creativity usually isn’t rewarded – except in art or music classes. All of the activities that children do such as: solve math problems, write papers, read books, all increase the production of beta brainwaves and allow the alpha and theta rhythms to slowly dwindle. Nearly every skill that kids learn at school: memorization, planning, logical thinking, and the interpretation of information do a great job at enhancing and promoting the production of beta brainwaves.

Memorization: Beta Brainwaves vs. Alpha Brainwaves

The act of memorizing facts and data is a very different memorization process compared to when an individual is in an alpha brainwaves state. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to give you a general overview of memorization in both the alpha brainwaves and the beta brainwaves. The most common way for most individuals to memorize something is via “rote learning.” In fact, the whole education system in the United States [and most other countries] is based on “rote-learning.”

Can you remember back to when you were a small child? If you can, think back to when you began to learn multiplication math tables. Likely, you repeated the tables over-and-over again until they were finally embedded into your brain. You probably wrote or vocally repeated the entire multiplication table until it was finally ingrained into your memory.

What’s happening here is that you’re forcing information down your conscious, left-brain and after constant repetition, that information gets transferred to your subconscious. With that said, you are only able to store information into your subconscious mind if you are able to produce alpha brainwave rhythms, not beta brainwaves.

So, by using “rote-learning” for memorizing the multiplication table is like breaking down your front door (beta brainwaves) to get inside your house instead of just using a key (alpha brainwaves). For this reason, you need to sometimes “beat yourself up,” or spend countless hours with “repetition” before you finally memorize the complete multiplication table. This is why most adults can usually benefit greatly from some extra alpha brainwave production.

The memorization process while you are already in the alpha brainwave state is a completely different experience. Memorizing in alpha, as you may have already guessed, is much easier than shoving information down through your beta brainwaves. Memorizing in beta is like choking down food that you don’t like when eating dinner. Memorizing in an alpha state much more natural. It is like eating a food you really like – it goes down smooth and is easy to retain. This is why affirmations are so much more effective when you are in an alpha or a theta brainwaves state – they are easily implanted into the subconscious brain. In the alpha brainwave state, there’s absolutely no need for “rote-learning;” or constant repetition to memorize.

Next time you are trying to memorize something, try it in the alpha brainwave state

The next time that you have something you need to memorize or learn, slow down your brainwave rhythm from beta to the alpha rhythm. If you’re like most people, you’ll realize that the memorization process takes much less time, is a lot easier, and feels completely natural – because you eliminate the need of constant “cramming” or repetition.

If you are looking for more information on how to increase your alpha brainwaves, I recommend reading my article: “Understanding The Alpha Brainwave,” in which I provide some examples. Another phenomenal and quick way to increase the production of your alpha brainwaves is to utilize the technology of brainwave entrainment. I recommend Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional, due to the high rate of success that many people [including myself] have experienced with the software.

Slower brainwaves linked to being “down to Earth”

Another interesting fact is that individuals who feel connected to nature and are “down to Earth,” usually have slower brainwave patterns in the alpha, and sometimes even the theta brainwave ranges. These “down to Earth” people actually have brainwaves that are much closer to children than most other adults. And this does not reflect their maturity level, it just resembles that they actually show the exact same type of appreciation for nature as children.

The main problem with most highly-mature individuals or adults is that they actually generate too much beta brainwaves in relation to alpha and theta brainwave rhythms. This is why they don’t feel the same energy and youthfulness that many hope to recreate in their lives. It’s funny because recreating this state can be relatively easy with brainwave entrainment or via practicing meditation.

Ever feel stressed out? Blame High-Beta brainwaves

Higher beta brainwaves usually above 18 Hz can result in feelings of: tenseness, anxiety, stress, and nervousness. When your brainwave levels increase above 30 Hz, they’ll interfere with your ability to think clearly and effectively process, and understand your own thoughts. I have personally experienced stress to such a high-degree in the past, that I literally felt as if I had little control over my life due to the constant rapid generation of completely random – sometimes unwanted – thoughts.

High-beta brainwaves and random, stressful thoughts

When your brainwave levels climb the charts, up to the high beta brain wave frequencies, neurons (brain cells) begin firing at random and in an unorganized pattern. This leads to a highly-unfocused, completely disorganized, and confusing state of mind to be in. I can testify for this claim, because I personally have experienced this state. This is another reason that A.D.D. / A.D.H.D. can be experienced in high-beta brainwave states. When your brainwave state remains in high-beta for any extended period of time, you will likely experience a “nervous breakdown.”

Lateralization and high-beta brainwaves

In the majority of people, either the left or right hemisphere is more dominant than the other. This “dominance” by one half of the brain is defined as “brain lateralization.” As your amount of beta brainwaves increase, brainwaves from both sides of your brain can easily get thrown out of sync and “brain lateralization” can be significantly affected.

Slower brainwaves and neural communication

When you allow your brainwave patterns to slow down to the alpha and theta ranges, their is usually much more brain synchronization and communication amongst your neurons. The neurons in your brain begin to efficiently communicate and fire in a healthy, pattern. They aren’t firing at random like they do when you’re in a stressful state of mind.

Say goodbye to all stress and worries

When you do in fact manage to shift down to a theta or alpha brainwaves state, you’ll feel peaceful, calm, refreshed, and natural. Most things that stressed you out in the beta brainwave state may not even bother you anymore. There’s really not many worrisome-type thoughts that ever surface when you’re in an alpha brainwave state.

Are your thoughts becoming a nuisance or self-defeating?

Are you ever excited about beginning a difficult, challenging project? Well, have you ever heard a self-defeating or negative little voice from within that emerges with rapid thoughts telling you that you can’t do it? It’s almost like a voice trained to attack our dreams or any big goals that we have. It may even begin asking questions like: “Do you really think you can do it?” “Isn’t that task a little bit too tough for you?” “How are you possibly going to do that?” All of those questions are asked with hopes that you’ll give in to that little [annoying] voice inside your head and quit your project.

High-beta brainwaves throw away dreams

When you allow your mind to “give in” to this little pestering voice, you actually can talk yourself out of rewarding tasks before you even start! This is terrible. Before long, if you allow this voice to control your life, you satisfy for much less than you know you are capable of doing and accomplishing in this lifetime. Giving in to this voice is like throwing all of your aspirations and dreams out the window and settling for mediocrity. This is incredibly depressing and self-defeating.

High-beta brainwaves make you “sweat the small stuff”

Sometimes, you need to lay down the law and get that voice to shut up! First of all, realize that the bothersome voice is due to an increase of high-beta brainwaves. It’s not really a state you want to be in for any extended period of time. When you allow high-beta brainwaves to overtake your mind, it goes into a rapid-thinking “overdrive” brainwave state. This high-beta brainwave state will make you think deeply about little. Basically, these brainwaves make you “sweat the small stuff.”

Reliving the past or fearing the future

In most cases, high-beta brainwaves cause individuals to either: remember negative events or experiences in the past OR imagine a scary, fearful-type future. This obviously, easily creates states of high-anxiety, self-doubt, and negativity. If you’re like most people, you don’t want to experience depression or anxiety… So, all you really need to do is slow down your high brainwave patterns.

Insomnia and beta brainwaves

Have you ever laid down on your bed with expectations to fall asleep, but you never were able to fall completely asleep? You end up spending most of the nighttime hours tossing, turning, and feel like you need to “try harder” in order to fall asleep. Your body may even be physically tired, but for some frustrating reason, you can’t seem to quiet down your brain. Thoughts flood your mind and no matter what you do, your brain cannot seem to access the lower states of theta and delta brain waves that allow you to sleep.

Missing alpha brainwaves is like driving stick-shift without a gear

This is due to the fact that most people’s brains shift from beta down to the slower alpha brainwaves right before falling asleep. And shorty after accessing alpha, they fall into a deep theta or delta brainwave state of sleep. When your brain is in a prolonged state of high-beta, alpha brainwave production is significantly hindered or diminished.

Because of this, your brain has a difficult time shifting to alpha before sleep and when you finally are able to fall asleep – you inefficiently shift from beta to theta or delta – while skipping alpha. Think of it like driving a stick-shift [manual] vehicle with 3rd gear missing. You need to shift your brainwaves from 4th gear down to 1st, but 3rd is missing. You can bet that you will experience some difficulty and problems like insomnia.

A personal experience with insomnia

I used to have a lot of difficulty dealing with insomnia. I would be thinking about my future, past experiences, stressful experiences, the health of others, my personal health, etc. My brain was flooded with rapid, uncontrollable thoughts that really hurt the quality of my sleep. As a result of this “rapid thinking,” I often times wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until the early morning hours.

Insomniacs should avoid certain substances

At the time, I was completely unaware of beta brainwaves, and had no idea that shifting my brain to a slower pattern like alpha would significantly help with my insomnia dilemma. It really wasn’t until I began using Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional that I was able to consistently get a healthy night’s sleep. The only interference with slowing brainwaves are substances like caffeine, stimulants, or anything increasing beta brainwaves. Substances like stimulants change your brainwave patterns and make is very difficult to sleep after ingesting them.

“Natural leaders” and decision making

You probably know people who usually make terrible decisions when they are stressed out or in a state of panic. People who are born “natural leaders” are almost always able to think clearly, stay calm, cool, and collected even when faced with scary, frustrating, or panic-type events and situations. This is why they are “natural leaders,” they are able to react in a calm manner to any situation – no matter how stressful.

Why beta brainwaves are healthy

With all of the unhealthy effects surrounding “high-beta brainwaves,” it is not at all surprising to me that many individuals come to believe that all “beta brainwaves” are terrible and that other brainwave patterns are always better. However, this could not be further from the truth! There are tons of benefits to having a healthy production of beta brainwaves.

Though high-beta brainwaves are far from optimal, regular (low to medium) beta brainwaves are healthy. Beta brainwaves are the best brainwaves for concentration, critical-thinking, scheduling, planning, and for the interpretation of data. And our entire education system involves learning how to do most tasks in beta brainwave states. Most business operations and companies are carried out by using the logical beta-brainwaves.

With that said, it can be very difficult for some individuals to eliminate stress and quiet their “inner self-defeating voice” – especially when you’ve had negative thought patterns for an extended period of time. The most effective way to slow those high-beta brainwave patterns that’s worked great for me is Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional in combination with activities like meditation, self-hypnosis, and other positive lifestyle changes such as: eating good “brain foods.”

Other than the mentioned activities, there are some great techniques that you can use to help you relax that I’ve written in my article 20 Ways To Murder Stress: Killer Relaxation Tips. So, next time you notice that you’re getting stressed out, you should be able to relax knowing that there are so many solutions towards reducing your high-beta brainwaves to slower, more relaxing ones. You’ll feel great, healthy, and have the necessary technique to remain calm, cool, and collected in even the most intense situations. This control over your beta brainwaves gives you full control over your reality and actually boosts your brain power to make coping with stress much easier.

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