It is very common for pet owners to have a lot of dog health questions because sometimes our pets act funny, do crazy things, or we think that they may have gotten sick. First of all, if you want to make sure that you get professional questions and an evaluation of your pet, it is important to visit a veterinarian. If you go to a vet, they will actually be able to see what is physically wrong with your pet and come up with some ideas that you can use for potential treatment. Below I included some free dog health questions that people often ask on the internet and do my best to answer them. However, if you have more complex questions and/or want a better answer, don’t hesitate to go to a professional.

Common dog health questions and answers

How can I tell whether my new puppy is a male or a female?

Although it is fairly obvious to tell whether a fully grown dog is a male or female, it is not so obvious when dogs are puppies. With that said, if you look, you will still be able to see that the male dogs have a penis and female dogs will have a urethra near their anus. If you have a male, it will be fairly obvious, although you will not see testicles immediately. This is basic biological features 101, but some people are confused. You can always look at pictures on the internet to effectively distinguish between male and female puppies so that you get everything right.

Should I give my dog Ibuprofen or other over-the-counter medicine?

You should never give your dog Ibuprofen or any other over-the-counter medicine! Medicine that is meant for humans is not usually meant for dogs. If your pet needs medicine, always go through a vet for recommendations – don’t assume that they will be able to handle human drugs. Most human medicines that are given to dogs result in highly toxic reactions with their system. Make sure that you avoid doing this because they will be extremely sick if you give them stuff from your own personal medicine cabinet.

Are all dogs colorblind or is that some sort of myth?

This is one of the most common dogs health questions around. The truth is that dogs are not colorblind. However, they do not have as many colors in their perceptual processes as humans do. Dogs happen to have less cone cells in the retinas of their eyes, which limits the colors that they can see. Additionally, they only see a couple of primary colors (blue and yellow to be specific) because they are dichromatic. They do not see the color “red” like humans do. In comparison to humans though, dogs can see much better at night than humans can because they have more highly-concentrated rod cells in their visual processes.

What happens if my dog has a wet nose?

This is another super common dog health question, but knowing whether your dog has a wet nose really isn’t very beneficial at all. Sometimes they lick their nose, sometimes it is hot and their noses dry up, and sometimes they have a runny nose. Having a “wet nose” is absolutely no indication of whether they are feeling healthy or are sick. With that said, some people have reported that when their dog licks its nose more often (to get it wet), that the dog is feeling worse. If you suspect your dog is sick, there will usually be more symptoms just than having a dry nose.

Have additional questions about dog health?

If you have more questions regarding the health of your pet, you should always ask a vet. It is not worth looking online for information about your dog when nobody online can actually see your dog. Most people that answer dog health questions on the internet just “speculate” about what could be wrong and give suggestions based on speculation. Always get your dog to a vet as soon as possible if your dog’s health seems poor.

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