An individual’s quality of life is very dependent on the development of their brain – particularly their infant brain development. Beginning as a fetus, a human’s brain starts to develop. Mom has the huge responsibility of making sure her pregnancy diet is nutritious enough to support the baby’s development.  How come? Specific essential oils need to be received by the fetus for the best possible infant brain development- most importantly omega 3 fatty acids with DHA. A fetus’s brain begins to develop very early, as soon as three to six weeks after being conceived. Before a woman even conceives she can begin the foundation for this. All women of child bearing age are highly encouraged to include an abundance of omega 3 fatty acids with DHA in their diets.

What To Know About An Infants Brain Development

DHA consumption is now recognized, by scientists, to be what separates modern humans from our early ancestors. Many years ago our primitive ancestors began adding DHA into their diets, and the developing of our human brains was the product. This can begin to give you an impression of how closely brain growth is linked to omega 3 oils with DHA.

A diet that contained an inadequate amount of DHA, has been shown in our early cro-magnon ancestors to lead to a remarkable decline in brain capacity. A prompt growth in brain capacity took place when they relocated from desert areas to coastal areas, where they had access to an abundance of fish.

Infant Brain Development Research

The addition of DHA from fish oil is believed, by scientists, to be the basis of human brain evolution. Our astonishing ability to reason, communicate, learn, and create the wonderful things around us are all because of our large brains. The brain of the embryo is where this all starts. A baby begins to use its brain and nervous system to control many bodily functions before week 30 of pregnancy when many quick changes take place. In order for a pregnancy to be full term and the baby to be fully grown it needs to last another 10 weeks.

Understanding Infant Toddler Brain Development

Vital to ensuring a pregnancy goes full term, and for the brain and nervous system to grow are omega 3 fatty acids. We really have come a long way all thanks to ocean fish. Having them included in our diets has literally transformed out brains and helped keep us healthy.  There is are a lot of studies that are currently being conducted in the area of brain development in infant and toddler children.  In order to stay up to date, you can check out various psychological journals; they will talk more in depth about the subject.  Mothers who are insufficiently nourished during pregnancy tend to have babies with low birth weights, according to researchers at the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition in London. An inadequate amount of DHA has been observed in these infants.

A good pregnancy nutrition plan should include a vast amount of omega 3 oils with DHA because brain development disorders can be ever-lasting. To do this it is important to eat enough fatty fish or take high quality, pure fish oil capsules, or both. A mother needs to consume omega 3 fish oil every day for the highest levels of brain development. We all wish for our future children to be healthy and intelligent.  If you want more information on brain supplements and brain vitamins that you can be taking, be sure to do some research to make sure that they are healthy.