Research has proven that women who want to continue using recreational drugs while pregnant will lean towards marijuana because they believe that it won’t hurt the baby like harder drugs will. Just because marijuana hasn’t been proven to cause birth defects in comparison to alcohol causing fetal alcohol syndrome, doesn’t mean that it is safe to use during pregnancy.  Most people know that it is probably not a good idea to be smoking cannabis while pregnant with a baby because you put them at risk of developmental problems.

Effects of Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant

It is a well known fact that inhaling smoke of any kind keeps the unborn baby from receiving the oxygen that it needs. Smoking marijuana during pregnancy and smoking tobacco are both considered dangerous and discouraged during pregnancy. The baby can’t receive its proper amount of blood supply when the expectant mother inhales any kind of substance. Lack of oxygen before birth can lead to the baby coming into the world much smaller and weighing less. Low birth weight babies develop more difficulties after being born such as infections, jaundice, feeding problems, respiratory problems, low blood sugar, body temperature regulation problems, bleeding into the brain, and eye problems.

Mixing Marijuana With Other Drugs

It is common for some people to mix marijuana with other harmful substances. The mother may unknowingly subject her unborn baby to other dangerous chemicals that have been added to the marijuana. Marijuana can be ingested by the baby when drinking the mother’s breast milk. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the principal additive in marijuana and can be 8 times more potent in breast milk than it is in the mother’s blood. If a mother has used marijuana during her pregnancy or while breastfeeding, it can cause the baby to be jumpy, irritable, and fussy. The baby affected by the mother’s use of marijuana may experience a slower development of motor skills, although research has shown that this hindrance may correct itself later in life. It would be wise to exercise caution and stop smoking marijuana during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

Since we have gotten your attention, we want to add that you should absolutely stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes during pregnancy or while nursing and put your baby’s needs before your own. If you feel you must have a drink or a cigarette, then it is recommended to put off breastfeeding for 2 to 3 hours after consuming the alcoholic beverage and to keep the second-hand smoke far away from the baby.

Pregnant Marijuana Studies

It is important to be aware that most of the studies done on the effects of marijuana to an unborn baby have been confusing and incomplete. Some of the factors that make it difficult to distinguish the effects of marijuana are from other various factors including alcohol consumption, drug use, living conditions, family relationships, and mother’s the temperament. The bottom line is that it is better to be safe than sorry by stopping the use of harmful chemicals, like marijuana, during pregnancy. Although it will require a drastic change to your habits, you will be proud to know that you stopped smoking cigarettes, using marijuana, and consuming alcohol in order to insure that your child will be born healthy.  Always try to avoid killing brain cells even if it means being more cautious than you normally would.