Hello everyone, I had this post ready and timestamped to be posted, but it never got up… So here goes Day #7 from my 10 Hz Alpha brain waves experiment for you to read about.  And since I’m on the topic, I’m going to completely shy away from brain waves entrainment for at least a week – before I start up with a new experiment.  Why?  Because I don’t want the entrained Alpha 10 Hz to affect my latest experiment.  Anyways, have a happy New Year and feel free to read up on the “late post” below!

What I experienced today (Day #7)?

1.) Continued Physical Relaxation

Today, I am not more physically relaxed than yesterday, but the relaxation has stabilized.  I feel very good and relaxed to the point where I can still function and maintain a good level of relaxation.  My arms, legs, and the rest of my body continues to experience a pleasant state of relaxation.  Definitely a good way to end the final day of the experiment.

2.) Continued Slower Mental Processing

It is Day #7 (the final day of this experiment) and I continued to note a slower overall mental processing speed.  It is clear to me that the slower mental processing from the continued entrainment at 10Hz.  Though it is more difficult for me to think “quickly” – I am still not bothered by my slower thinking.  I can hold my ground in conversation and feel pretty satisfied with my state of awareness.

3.) Stable Energy In Stomach / Body

The energy in my stomach and the rest of my body feels relatively stable just like yesterday.  It isn’t bothersome and definitely isn’t distracting like it was early on in the experiment. There’s not much to note here other than the energy is still in my CORE stomach area, but it doesn’t feel like it wants to escape from my body.  It’s interesting because before this experiment started I wasn’t even aware of this energy… Or maybe it was a side-effect from Alpha brain waves?

4.)  Continued “Weird Dreams” / And Quality Sleep

I continued the final Day #7 of this experiment with more “weird dreams.”  I had gone to see a movie earlier in the day and one of the characters was in my dream.  Unlike in the movie – where he was a ruthless, mean killer – in my dream he was extremely nice to me and everyone else.  I didn’t fully wake up in the middle of the night, but this morning I remembered several weird different dreams that I had.  Right now though, I cannot seem to recall them.  The quality of my sleep continues to be extremely high – which is definitely a side-effect that I enjoy.

5.) Slow Thinking / Brain Idling

Today I have continued “slow thinking,” but like yesterday it doesn’t bother me and I am aware of it.  I have had some quality conversations and feel that I am in a “content” state of awareness.  Though it feels like my brain is “blank” during conversations – I always seem to find something good to say.  I do not feel that 10Hz entrainment makes for an optimal state for conversation – I don’t think that it hurts in any way.

6.) Negative Mood

Unfortunately, I am still experiencing a slightly more negative mood.  And though I have maintained “awareness” of this negativity – it seems as though the negativity has resulted from slower thinking.  I still found myself impulsively resorting to “curse words” over quality vocabulary.   The “little things” / little nuisances didn’t seem to bother me as much as yesterday.  However, being in a more negative mood than when I started this experiment shows me that the 10Hz entrainment is definitely having an effect.  I can definitely cope with it though.

I hope everyone enjoyed the experiment and had Happy Holidays.  Have a great New Year (2009) to all of my readers out there.  I am planning on doing another experiment in a couple of weeks!  I’ll let you all know when that goes down.  Hopefully I’ll update the blog sometime and either write an article in reflection of this experiment AND / OR give you the new experiment plans.

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