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Delta brain waves are the slowest of all your brainwaves. They usually fall within the frequency range of 0 – 4 Hz. When your brain waves reach levels below 0.1 Hz, you will literally be “brain dead.” Unlike theta brainwaves, which are commonly associated with the “subconscious mind” – delta brain waves are associated with the “unconscious mind.” Due to delta brainwaves being the least understood amongst brain waves [besides gamma] – I’ve decided to provide you with some quality information and hopefully clear up any misunderstandings.

Delta brain waves have long been linked to stages 3 and 4 of sleep. The delta brainwave range is considered “the lowest brainwave frequency. A decreased sense of awareness, increased empathy, and access to the “unconscious mind” are common. It is extremely rare to have conscious awareness of delta brainwaves. Only certain highly spiritual individuals, gurus, yogis, monks, and avid meditators usually are able to consciously access this brainwave range.

Being in delta is like being in the most deeply relaxing trance or non-physical awareness. Usually, when individuals are asleep in the delta range, their other brainwave patterns shut down and delta takes over. If you’ve ever woken up and felt irritable, unconscious, confused, or disorientated, you likely woke up during your delta stage of sleep.

Boosted intuition and psychic skills

The slower, delta brain wave frequencies have long been linked to boosted intuition and even the cultivation of “psychic skills” in certain individuals. What’s interesting is the fact that in some individuals, delta brain waves are present [show up in the E.E.G.] of people while they are awake – along with the other basic brainwave patterns [beta, alpha, theta]. They will never be found as the only brainwave pattern while someone is awake! There usually needs to be some beta, alpha, and theta if delta is displayed while awake.

Anyways, researchers have found that individuals who usually have an uncanny intuition and possibly psychic abilities, usually have delta brainwaves appearing in their waking E.E.G.’s. Think of delta brain waves as a radar system that helps our intuition sense when any form of danger is lurking. Though we don’t always need to sense danger via “gut instinct” or intuition, delta brain waves can be a great form of help. Delta brain waves are a very indigenous, anamalistic, primal-type brainwave rhythm that give us a deeper sense of “instinct.” Basically, the delta brainwaves allow us to be more aware of information that isn’t available to our conscious, beta-brainwave fueled, brains.

Healing the mind and body

Frequencies in the delta range have been linked to healing the mind and body of a wide-variety of ailments and illnesses. Researchers have even discovered that within the delta brainwave range, some frequencies are even able to produce healthy substances such as: DHEA, melatonin, and H.G.H. (Human Growth Hormone). When the delta rhythms run through our brain, it naturally produces a different set of neurotransmitters and substances. With software like Neuro-Programmer 2 Professional, you can stimulate these delta brainwave frequencies and increase the healing speed of your brain and body.

The melatonin, H.G.H. (human growth hormone), and DHEA that delta brain waves are able to slow and or reverse the effects of aging. Another benefit of increasing the amount of delta brainwaves is the reduced production of the “stress hormone” called “cortisol.” Reducing cortisol is great for the body and brain! Why? Because increased levels of cortisol can and will actually kill brain cells, plus speed up the process of physical and mental aging.

In the book “The High-Performance Mind” [written by Anna Wise], Anna Wise writes that individuals who are therapists, guides, teachers, and those into professions which involve “helping others” tend to have delta brain waves while awake. She also notes that spiritually advanced individuals and healers tend to display plenty of delta brainwaves. It has been said that these “unconscious brain waves” give them more understanding and access to other individuals’ mental and emotional state.

Delta brain waves to “master the brain”?

The rhythms of delta brain waves allow us to tap into “universal knowledge,” or the mind beyond our own. This “universal knowledge” has been referred to as the “collective unconscious” – which is comparable to one large pool of the collective knowledge and understanding all of humanity. The delta brain waves give our minds’ the opportunity to enter the gateway which connects our intuition with the collective unconscious.

How are delta waves compared to theta brain waves? Theta brain waves give us insights from our “subconscious mind” – our deepest being and deepest internal spirituality. Theta brain waves look internally and are much more personally meaningful to each individual. Delta waves provide us with access to external unconscious material.

From theta and delta, we will never be consciously aware of the information we have access to unless it gets transferred through our subconscious via the alpha brain waves. Alpha brainwaves are able to pass insights and messages from the deeper, theta and delta brainwaves. Usually, they add specific pictures and imagery around the messages in order for our “conscious beta-brainwave geared” mind is able to understand the messages. After the messages from the theta brain waves and delta brain waves get transferred through the alpha range to the beta range, they can be understood and acted upon.

It is important to realize that there is no single brainwave pattern that is optimal to have at all times. Each of the four main types of brain waves come with benefits and drawbacks. Beta brain waves are great for communication and thinking logically, while delta brain waves are great for intuition and accessing “universal knowledge.” After reading this article, I hope that you understand that in order to take full control of your mind and maximize your brain power, you must learn to take control of each of the four brain waves!