1. Clear emotional blocks

Nearly everyone has some form of subconscious emotional blocks that they’ve suppressed for most of their lives. Emotional blocks can develop in childhood and can be forgotten by the time a person reaches adulthood. Emotional blocks can really take full control over your life if you don’t properly deal with them. Usually, diseases like anxiety, depression, and trauma are all the result of strong built-up emotional blocks. Emotional blocks can be defined as “emotions that haven’t been fully released by your subconscious mind.” This is why, often times when meditating, we recall past experiences and are able to deal with past negative experiences in a healthy manner.

In reaction to negative experiences, our brain wants to naturally block out the pain instead of dealing with it directly. Often times the resulting emotion is anxiety or depression. If you keep letting your pent-up negative emotional energy build, before expressing it, it can potentially become very dangerous to yourself and others. It is important to clear these emotional blocks. Luckily there happen to be many great ways to do so! Before you think about clearing emotional blocks, you must mentally prepare yourself and agree that you are ready to do so. It can be a very powerful (intense) emotional experience that may catch us off guard.

Often times we are operating in a mental state that isn’t currently aware of any personal emotional blocks. To shift our awareness to a deeper level, we must access the deeper brainwave states – increasing the production of alpha and theta brainwaves. In the alpha and theta brainwave states, past memories and emotions become easy to recall and are able to be released. If you think that you’ve let emotional blockages build up for awhile now, they may be fairly severe. Emotional blockages often manifest as extreme forms of stress, anxiety, unfocused thinking, and depression.

Ways that emotional blocks can be successfully dealt with are: through meditation, by working with a trained therapist, through E.M.D.R., neurofeedback, brainwave entrainment, and sometimes just through deep relaxation in supplement to talk therapy. It is important to allow your trapped, negative memories to resurface and your emotional blocks to clear. When emotional blocks are cleared, you will have a much easier time expressing who you truly are and how you feel. Your consciousness will feel elevated, and you will have free-flowing emotions through your entire body.

It is not advised to try to deal with very powerful emotional blocks or repressed traumatic memories by yourself. Consult a trained, certified therapist or psychologist to help you work through your past powerful emotion. Recognize that when you are able to work through your past emotional blocks, you will allow yourself to reach a higher state of consciousness and functioning. Looking to clear your emotional blocks will ultimately benefit all areas of your life, allow you to tap into deeper levels of awareness, and will aid in the process of intention-manifestation.

2. Clear out subconscious “cobwebs”

What exactly are subconscious “cobwebs?” I refer to subconscious cobwebs as any unfulfilling: beliefs and emotions that have been carried around in your subconscious mind for too long. Many times, our subconscious mind is carrying around extra negative emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that need to be released or replaced. In my opinion, the best and easiest way to clear subconscious “cobwebs” is through meditation.

In order for you to clear out your subconscious “cobwebs” and replace them with a clean, focused, and organized subconscious mind, I recommend that you try a few relaxation exercises such as: meditation, self-hypnosis, and internal reflection. Meditation is an obvious exercise of choice: it gives you freedom to develop inner focus inside your subconscious mind. As you begin a meditation routine, you may begin to notice that you begin to remember past events that were unfulfilling or past emotions that were painful. During this process, it is important to accept your negative experiences and think of yourself as being fully healed from each experience when your meditation time is up.

Here is a personal example: I go into deep meditation. Next, I tap into my slower alpha and theta brainwaves and thus into my subconscious mind. While I have access to my subconscious, I may ask it to send me a past memory, belief, or “cobweb” that I’ve been reluctant to deal with. Then, it may send me a picture or live footage of a real event that happened in my life that really hurt me emotionally. I then, sort-of, re-live the event in my mind, and fully accept its validity. As I come out of my meditation, I consciously implant the belief that re-living this event has fully healed and revitalized my subconscious mind.

Eventually, you will reach a state beyond present and past and be mentally 100% focused in “the now” or present moment. But from all of the literature that I’ve found, this can only be achieved through practicing meditation for an extended period of time. So if you want to clear out your subconscious “cobwebs” and take full control of your subconscious mind and the rest of your life, consider trying meditation to connect with your deeper self. It will raise your level of consciousness by allowing you to bring unsatisfying beliefs and memories to the surface.

3. Turn off the T.V. already

Depending on your current level of consciousness, watching T.V. may actually be a good thing. For those individuals operating at an extremely low level of functioning, watching T.V. gives them hope, satisfaction, and a boost in consciousness. With that said, to permanently elevate your consciousness, it is recommended to refrain from watching T.V. If you think about the act of watching T.V., it doesn’t reflect your life’s purpose nor allow you to be fully productive. The time that you currently spend watching T.V. could be put to better use by allowing you to accomplish a personal goal, allowing you to exercise your body, allowing you to boost your brain power, etc.

There are many reasons that you should not watch T.V. One of them is: you will be able to raise your consciousness much more quickly if you refrain from watching T.V. All of the negative views and conditioning that a person derives from watching T.V. can be a negative influence on your life. When you are operating at a higher-level of functioning and are watching people talk on T.V. at a lower level of functioning, it certainly will not help you raise your consciousness by watching T.V. If you feel that it’s necessary to cancel cable or shut of your T.V. for a week to give it a test run, by all means: try it! Turning off the tube will not only make you become a more conscious person, it will allow you to be much more productive. All T.V. serves as is an escape from higher levels of consciousness.

4. Read a good book; knowledge is power

Whether you enjoy reading fiction or non-fiction books (or both), reading books is a phenomenal way to help you boost your conscious brain power. Reading books provides you with knowledge, creativity, and allows you to fully expand your intellect. Don’t limit yourself to reading books either: blogs are fine (especially 4 Mind 4 Life), magazines are fine, newspapers are usually fine, etc. Reading a good book allows your consciousness to be taken on a journey through a world of information, or through a world of complete fantasy.

To get yourself on the right track of becoming a more conscious person, there are many great books that you can read that will help guide your consciousness in the right direction. One such book, that I’ve previously recommended is: The High-Performance Mind by Anna Wise. This book teaches you how to consciously control your mental brainwave state, go into deep meditation, and how to advance consciously by targeting selective brainwave patterns. Go to Amazon.com and search the books section for: consciousness (I gave you the perfect link)… Most of these books are aiming to increase your knowledge and provide you with methods to help you become a more conscious person.

Reading books will also help you become a smarter person, with a mind that is full of new thoughts and ideas. The more credible information that you are able to read, the more information and knowledge your consciousness has to play with. After all, knowledge allows you to cultivate power and become more aware of what was previously unknown. I know you’ve probably heard this before, but: turn off your T.V. and start reading instead! Reading is a great alternative to T.V. watching.

5. Expand your creativity

There are many ways for us to expand our creativity and abilities to creatively think. Developing ways to creatively think not only boosts brain power, it boosts your consciousness. The use of brainstorming, creative visualization, Zen koans, and meditation have all been known to increase creative thinking skills. Creativity is an important trait to develop when dealing with your reality. Having creativity allows your mind to easily solve even the most difficult of problems. Creativity is a great tool that can make your life much easier.

When you become more conscious, your creative abilities become stronger. Work to think of creative solutions to problems in your life. Some great ways to increase creativity are: brainstorming – making lists / webs, listening to music, draw a picture, or practice visualization. No matter how creative you are at this moment, you can always strive to enhance it for conscious benefit. The ability to be creative and think-outside-the-box usually occurs in the lower frequency brainwave states of alpha and theta. Accessing these states through creativity allows you to bypass the conscious-thought process of your left-hemisphere’s beta brainwaves and think of a creative solution to any given problem.

Becoming more creative is a side-effect that comes with being more conscious. As your overall brain power and cognitive functioning increases, you will develop much stronger levels of creativity. Being creative and practicing conscious creative thinking is a great exercise that allows you to raise your level of awareness. If your creative-side is currently lacking, think of ways to step-it-up a notch!

6. Develop strong people-skills

Developing strong people-skills will allow you to become more conscious in many different ways. Having strong people skills allows you to be comfortable expressing who you really are in any given social situation. Without developing strong people skills, you may be stuck in a state of fear around others in social settings. You may be completely uncomfortable with expressing your true beliefs, values, and discussing your lifestyle in front of others. Developing strong people-skills takes courage and being a highly-conscious person.

Communication to express your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs is necessary for others to know who you truly are. Being socially connected with others allows you to express your emotions in a healthy manner and also helps you be more empathetic and tuned in to loving others. There are currently many ways for a person to develop his or her people skills. In my opinion, the best way for you to develop your people skills to the maximum level is to force yourself to be around others constantly.

Though you may not thoroughly enjoy being around everyone at all times, you can learn to consciously accept others for who they are and how they act. Developing people skills allows you to successfully convey your point of view and share your purpose with others. You can spread love through social interaction and learn to communicate to help you get what you want out in life. Cultivating a strong set of people-skills will allow you to become a more conscious individual and will allow you to share your love with others.

7. Allow yourself to be inspired; who are you inspired by?

Allowing yourself to be inspired helps you to take passionate action. In order for us to be inspired, we usually need to have some sort of emotional connection. Maybe you are deeply inspired by a song that you recently heard on the radio, maybe you are inspired by Barack Obama, maybe you are inspired by Hilary Clinton, maybe you find Pablo Picasso’s artwork inspiring. Everyone is different and everyone is inspired by different things here on Earth.

The key to successfully using inspiration to help you advance consciously is to find out what single thing inspires you more than anything. Chances are that what inspires you most, is in some way connected with your purpose here on Earth. And, as mentioned earlier in the Raising Your Consciousness: 10X10 Series, knowing and living your purpose is a great way to advance consciously. To find out who or what you are most inspired by, make a list. Begin by brainstorming and writing down every single thing that you find inspiring. After 10 minutes or so of brainstorming, reflect on your list and the items that you think really stand-out from the rest.

After you’ve found the activities or people that are most inspiring in your life, take some sort of action to implement their inspiration in your life. The implementation process may involve listening to that artist’s music, buying a Picasso painting to put up in your room, writing a song of your own, etc. When you take action based off of true inspiration, you allow yourself to consciously connect with your higher-self and get on the right path towards discovering your true purpose. Inspiration can really work magic in your life if you let it. Taking actions based on positive inspiration will guide your consciousness to a higher level with very little effort.

8. Be courteous towards others

Being courteous to others is a great way to share love, positivity, and a great way to set a good example for others. Each time that you set an example, you have some influence onto others. Being kind and respectful to others is an awesome way to spread positivity and motivate others to become more conscious individuals. Each time that you practice a healthy habit or put kind actions on display for others to see, they will be much more inclined to follow suit. Each person has the power to influence others and our consciousness as a whole.

When one person acts negatively for others to see, witnesses of this action may then think it’s appropriate to act negatively in their lives. When one person acts positively for others to see, witnesses of this action may start to become more positive and set a better example for others. Being courteous means being polite, sharing your knowledge, helping others in need, and respecting others’ belief systems. Practice being courteous to everyone that you meet. Being courteous involves being compassionate. When you are able to be courteous to everyone that you meet, you are raising your awareness through compassion.

9. Attend a spiritual retreat / gathering

There are many spiritual retreats and spiritual opportunities that can quickly boost your state of consciousness. Meditation retreats and gatherings with your religious group are two of many ways to raise your consciousness. The act of going to church is yet another form of attending a spiritual gathering. While you’re at church, you may feel extremely welcome, connected with others, and be surrounded by many friendly, positive people. You may also learn something about yourself and your life.

The people that come to spiritual events and gatherings often are working to raise their level of consciousness in life (you will have something positive in common). Going to an event like a Holosync retreat may also be a great way to connect with a fun, positive group of individuals that could prove to be lifelong friends. You will never truly know and understand the possibilities of conscious transformation until you actually attend a gathering or retreat. In my opinion, attending a great meditation retreat may be one of the single most effective and quickest ways to advance consciously and transform your life. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, others, and meet a lot of great people.

10. Form a mastermind group

Forming a mastermind group is a great way to help you become more conscious and complete your goals. To participate in a mastermind group, you must first gather up some trustworthy friends. If you gather up non-trustworthy friends or people with negative influence, it won’t work well. Be sure to ask positive individuals to join your group. Next, schedule times that your entire group will meet to discuss personal challenges, goals, accomplishments, etc. Your group’s schedule can be to meet every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, month, every week, etc. You need to make the best decision. As you meet with your group of friends, make it known that you all will be as encouraging, helpful, empathetic, and positive towards each other and their goals. You serve as motivation for your friends in your mastermind group, and they serve as positive motivation for you.

Next, discuss one goal that you hope to work towards or accomplish before the next meeting. Develop a plan with your group and allow every person to share as much positive energy with each other as possible. Realize that when you work with other people, it is much easier to make your dreams come true. You aren’t a loner on your quest and feel strong because you happen to have full support from a positive group of individuals. As you meet, you help each other develop plans to accomplish their goals and serve as motivation for each other to carry through.

If you have similar goals, you can network with another person too. For example: Let’s say that both my friend Seth and Josh wanted to start a blog. They could each work with each other to help with ideas, put each other on their blogrolls, and do research together. Or they could even work separately and give each other phone-calls if they are stuck on a part of blog development or would like an opinion about the looks of their blog. Basically, if you and another person in your mastermind group have the same type of idea, your life just got a whole lot easier because you can work together with that person!

Mastermind groups are wonderful ways to advance consciously. They are a form of conscious, positive support that allows you to accomplish your goals with ease. Social support (i.e. a positive group of friends) is always great to have when working to become more conscious. Heck, your first project at your mastermind group could be to raise your consciousness to a level that allows you to consciously create happiness. Do whatever you want with your group, have fun, be positive, and realize that you are raising your consciousness in the process!