1. Practice a religion

Practicing a religion is a phenomenal way to become a more conscious person. I personally don’t follow one religion, because I’ve adopted beliefs from many different religions to best serve my life. However, I used to go to church, and be affiliated with the Lutheran religion. Before I was able to raise my consciousness to a higher level, I wasn’t really aware of the fact that you don’t need to follow a religion to find peace, bring happiness to your life, or fix your problems in life.

With all that said, many individuals functioning at a lower level of consciousness actually feel better by following a specific religion and it’s practices. As you raise your level of awareness, you will find that there is really no best religion or Utopian religion that is optimal. You will also find out that religions can be a great way to spread peace and love within your life and the lives of your family, friends, neighbors, etc.

Think of various religious practices like climbing a mountain with many different people that each have different starting points surrounding the base of the mountain. Everyone at the base of the mountain starts at a different point and different place from around the mountain because we are all different. No matter which religious path you choose, you begin to climb closer to the peak of the mountain. Depending on your stage of conscious advancement, you will be at a different place vertically on the mountain towards your peak.

When everyone advances in their religion and consciousness, they will begin to come closer to one another because they will get closer to the peak. When everyone has reach an enlightened state of awareness and spirituality, they meet with one another at the top of the mountain; spreading peace and sharing love. That’s why leaders like the Dalai Lama and the Pope are able to come together and work to create good in this world. Both men coming from completely different backgrounds are aiming to spread peace and love in the world.

Practicing religion doesn’t necessarily make you a more conscious human being. What will make you a more conscious human being is learning to practice your religion in a highly-conscious manner: sharing the peace and love within your religion in the lives of others. Also, incorporating various practices from your religion to better yourself and make yourself a more positive, loving person will help your consciousness. You’ve got to be the judge as to what religion or spiritual practices work best for you. I like to incorporate many different beliefs into my life to fit my personal conscious needs.

Therefore, I meditate, share love, pray, etc. Some of my actions could be analyzed and associated with various religions (i.e. meditation = Buddhism, prayer = Christianity, etc). However, I don’t even think of my beliefs or practices in a religious context. I think of them as personal spiritual practices that will aid in my conscious progression. I think it is more personally fulfilling to think of it that way.

Whatever you choose to do is completely up to you. Maybe you want to experiment with another religion, maybe you want to pick several spiritual practices and apply practices from all of them to your life. Maybe you only want to meditate or only want to pray. I don’t know what works for you. What matters most in conscious advancement is getting a feel for what practices actually make you become more consciously aware. You need to personally determine what works best for you. One of the best ways to do this is via experimenting with many different religions.

2. Respect the beliefs of others; do not force them to change

At no time is it loving or respectful to criticize the beliefs of others. No matter how consciously advanced another person is or isn’t, it is important to respect their thoughts and actions. Many times I see people that are working hard on their own conscious advancement try to lure others into their personal journey. Often it seems like a good idea to help individuals in your life that are struggling to advance consciously, but it’s not healthy to force them to join the journey.

When you try to force others to adopt your lifestyle, beliefs, and force them to become a more conscious human-being, you are indirectly expressing negative emotion towards the person and getting your ego heavily involved. Forcing others to change is not truly accepting them for who they are. If you feel like you should force others to join the consciousness expansion journey: It is important to realize that everyone will have their time to advance consciously and will reach the peak of the mountain in their consciousness eventually. Some people may advance consciously in their first lifetime, others may take several lifetimes, while others may take 1,000 billion light-years… (well maybe not that long), but you get the idea.

If another person wants to work with you to raise their level of consciousness, that is an entirely different story. By all means, help the other person out if he or she wants to become a more conscious individual. You can refer them to my Raising Your Consciousness: 10X10 Series to give them a starting point. You can also work with them directly by meditating together, practicing healthy habits together, forming a mastermind group, etc. In my opinion, it is awesome if you ever have the opportunity to help another person advance consciously because it gives you satisfaction and the other person satisfaction; a true win-win situation. In turn, you will naturally become more conscious through the act of helping another person consciously advance.

3. Ask questions about your life – and life in general

Attempting to learn more about life each day is a great way to increase your overall knowledge base and a great way to become a more conscious person. Nobody “knows-it-all” in life, that’s why asking questions about life and about certain situations in life, will really help you out on your journey. The idea here is to learn as much as possible so you can make your lifestyle more conscious, your choices more conscious, your actions more conscious, and yourself a more knowledgeable, empathetic person. Try to ask individuals that are more consciously advanced than you, questions about life. If you ask questions to people in lower states of functioning, they will probably guide you in the wrong direction.

If you don’t know who to ask questions to, start with knowledgeable people that you know. Ask your parents what they think, ask your friends questions, work with a therapist (ask him or her questions), ask people online what they think, ask me questions in my contact form if you want. Realize that asking the same question to different individuals will usually bring you completely different responses. Not all responses will be highly-conscious ones: you will learn to distinguish more conscious responses from less conscious ones as you keep asking questions.

If you don’t feel like asking others questions, a great way to learn more about life is to ask yourself internal questions. Often times we don’t realize that within ourselves, we hold the answer to every question about our life. To get a deeper look at yourself and discover more about who you really are, meditation is the most popular exercise of choice. There are many benefits that have been associated with meditation and I am an advocate for the practice of meditation. It is a very healthy habit that you should consider adding to your lifestyle if you haven’t already!

4. Understand that everything and everyone changes

Whether you realize it or not, everything and everyone is in a constant state of change. Change is undeniable and is happening to yourself and others as you are reading this. There is no way to prevent change, but there is a way to consciously control your change. First off, we must realize that everything and everyone is constantly changing. Some people are spiraling down to a lower state of consciousness, while others are raising their level of consciousness. Others are moving very slowly in one direction or the other. New animals are born every minute, old animals are dying every minute. You are getting physically older as you are reading this. I think you get the idea: everything is changing. We must all accept the fact that change is happening right now. We must also know that we have the conscious power to influence that change.

Things that lead to negative change on Earth include: killing others, destroying the Earth, greed, hate, negativity, lack of compassion (i.e. littering), stealing, etc. For every person that contributes negatively to our human experience here on Earth, is slowing the conscious growth of humanity as a whole. It is important for us to recognize these negative changes and attempt to stop or reverse them as soon as possible. Be the person to be compassionate, be the person to pick up the litter, be the person who pays for everything that you own. This will allow you to control your personal change for the better.

Creating a positive change on this Earth is easy, but it requires us to raise our level of consciousness. Every time that you pick up litter, bring peace instead of anger, buy instead of steal, you are raising your level of consciousness and setting a positive example for others to follow. The way to drown out our negativity is to be highly-conscious by raising your consciousness. Be the change that you want to see on this Earth and please: make it a positive, conscious one.

5. Realize that you are not alone; others are in the process of becoming more conscious

On your journey towards becoming a more conscious human being, it is important to realize that you are never alone in the process. Someone, somewhere is going through the same thing. You are not the only person that feels raising your consciousness is important. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have even published this series on 4 Mind 4 Life dot com. There are likely many individuals that are more consciously advanced than you are: which is a good thing. Look to these individuals for guidance along the way. We can always look to more conscious individuals for personal guidance and advice in life. A great way to realize that you are not the only person working to raise your consciousness is to attend a meditation retreat, ask a friend (or spouse) to join you in your quest to becoming more conscious, chat with others online in forums about it, etc.

There are people in lower states of awareness who are journeying to higher states of consciousness who may feel that their journey is a solo-path: that they should be alone when working on their process. I recommend being as vocal and as sharing with others as possible about your wanting to raise your awareness. Telling others about your intentions is a very powerful way to influence others to join you in the process. Telling others also serves as a huge motivator for you to carry through with your actions. If you currently feel that you are alone in your process or cannot seem to express yourself vocally, I recommend seeing a therapist or talking with a friend as soon as possible.

Expressing yourself and allowing others to see your positive actions is the only way that you will accept yourself on the path to become a more conscious person. For example: if you are trying to become a vegetarian in order to consciously advance, don’t try to hide it from your family and friends; try to show it! Tell them why you are a vegetarian and explain your entire view on life; they can accept it or reject it if they want. What’s most important here is that you are being conscious of your path and accepting of others’ reactions to it. When the seas of life become overwhelming and you feel as if you are in the process of raising your consciousness alone, take some time to realize that you aren’t; there are many people that would love to help you with your conscious progress.

6. Push your personal limits; be the best that you can be

Pushing your personal limits to become the best person that you can be is something that everyone should strive for. Deep down everyone wants to live their life to the fullest; few people actually tap their full potential. Pushing your personal limits is something that you can do in every area of your life: relationships, exercise, consciousness, spirituality, finances, etc. There are always ways to improve in any given area of your life. Pushing your personal limits in the areas that you feel most soulfully-connected with are the areas that you should probably put the most work into in order to feel the greatest sense of fulfillment.

Since everyone was blessed with a unique set of traits, talents, etc., everyone will not be equally good in any given area of life. When pushing your personal limits, it is important to devise your own limits, not strive to be better than anybody else’s limits. Settling to be as good as someone else is not settling for your best. What can you do to push your personal limits? When you start worrying about pushing your limits to compete with another person, negative emotions will naturally surface.

Try your best to improve your life to fit your needs, not to compete with someone else! Practicing personal development is a great way to push your personal limits and to become the best human being that you can possibly become. Give it a try sometime if you haven’t already. I can personally testify to the fact that it’s addicting and has made my difficult life become incredibly easy for me to live.

7. Invest in yourself; invest in your purpose

When you make money, do you invest it in stocks? Have you ever thought of investing it in yourself? Besides money, we can also invest time in none other than: ourselves. In my opinion, investing time in yourself is one of the most effective ways to become more conscious. I am in no way saying that you need to invest time in yourself by yourself (alone); what I am saying is that you should connect with the activities that you intrinsically enjoy most and pursue them; invest in your purpose if you know it.

Once you have discovered your life’s purpose, investing in yourself turns into a very fulfilling process. Investing time in yourself through the act of: boosting your brain power, practicing personal development, raising your consciousness, expanding your knowledge-base, etc. are great ways to invest in yourself that provide lifelong fulfillment. As you keep investing more (and more) time and money in yourself, you begin to share your life’s purpose with others.

This is when you begin to make a true conscious, quantum leap and meaningful impact in the lives of others. Many advanced healers, psychics, gurus, etc. are all at this purpose-driven, level of consciousness. They understand that sharing their purpose with others is the core part of their life. You too can discover your purpose and become a more conscious human being by constantly investing in yourself.

8. Be open to exploring consciousness

There are many ways to be open to exploring your consciousness. Several methods to explore your consciousness include: brainwave entrainment, meditation, raising your consciousness, trying new activities, exploring spirituality, exploring different social groups, changing your environment (i.e. traveling), neurofeedback, etc. There are many healthy ways to explore consciousness and learn more about who you really are. It is important to distinguish healthy ways to change your consciousness from unhealthy ones.

Unhealthy ways to explore consciousness include: taking illicit drugs, abusing prescription drugs, drinking alcohol, etc. People that try to make the argument that taking illicit drugs is a way to explore consciousness are definitely correct. They are most definitely a way to explore consciousness. With that said, they are by no means a healthy nor conscious way to explore consciousness… In fact, during and after use, most individuals drop to a lower state of conscious functioning or may even be completely unconscious of the experience: they may not remember a thing that happened. During exploring consciousness in an unhealthy way, there is a high risk of danger and permanent brain damage. In some cases, drugs have the ability to cause (induce) schizophrenia or psychosis.

Stick to choosing healthy ways to explore consciousness. If you don’t know of any healthy ways to expand your consciousness, start with the ones that I’ve listed. Many of the methods included within the Raising Your Consciousness: 10X10 Series also happen to be great ways to explore your consciousness. The exploration of consciousness itself leads to a person becoming more conscious. Realize that any way to explore consciousness in a healthy manner is highly recommended. Exploring consciousness allows you to find out more about yourself and how you feel when experiencing a wide-variety of states of awareness.

9. Develop a deep relationship with another person

Developing deep, trustworthy relationships with other people are not only great ways to help you become more conscious, they are a great way to share love and joy with others. If you haven’t already, try to develop a deep, personal relationship with at least one person. It could be a good friend, spouse, boyfriend / girlfriend, it could be a good therapist, it could be anyone that you feel is on-the-same-page as you in life, or at the same level of consciousness. It is important to find the right person before “spilling your guts” though. You want to avoid developing a deep relationship with the wrong candidate for the job.

If you just so happen to tell very personal things to another individual that you aren’t very close with, you may come across as being strange or even too deep for the other person to handle. Be sure to take time to cultivate the relationship for awhile before making it deeper. What makes relationships become deeper and trustworthy is the factor of time. If your relationships can stand the test of time, then it is probably perfectly fine to share your deepest secrets with another person. Having another person to discuss your personal inner-thoughts, turmoil, joy, and all other emotions will actually make you a stronger, more empathetic person.

10. Call upon your spirit guides

Everyone has spirit guides – whether they believe it or not. Before we are born, we are assigned spirit guides to do just what their name implies: guide our spirit. They can often provide us with valuable advice and some forms of psychic connection that most of us never knew were possible. One way to personally connect with them is through meditation. Though I am not at the level of consciousness where I am able to personally connect with them through meditation, I personally know other individuals that are able to connect with them at anytime.

I have connected with my spirit guides when I got what is called a Huna-reading by one of my most trusted friends. She is a highly-conscious spiritual teacher, advanced meditator, and an individual that makes a positive difference in the lives of others on a daily basis. One day when talking with her, she asked me if I would like to try a Huna-reading with her. I said, “sure” and agreed to trying the whole experience. Before the reading, she had me make a list of any questions that I wanted to ask my spirit guides. So of course, I had listed questions like: “What job will I have in 10 years?” -“Do I have a soul-mate?” – Who is my soul-mate?” – “What color is my aura?” “Should I listen to binaural beats?” “What is my life’s purpose?” – etc.

Eventually, the Huna-reading took place. During the process, my friend went into a light trance and was able to allow me to connect with my spirit guides; she served as the medium. While entering the trance, I had to put my hands on-top of her hands in order for her to connect with my energy. As we connected hands, I felt a surge of energy and deep relaxation surround my body. My rapid thoughts quieted and I became fairly still and happy. Eventually, I was able to ask my spirit guides a bunch of questions and they had answers. They didn’t provide me with everything that I asked for, but they gave me a lot of information that I didn’t think was possible.

During the experience, I felt as if my body was overcome by deep relaxation – even though I was fully awake with my eyes wide open. I got fairly unexpected answers such as: “you will be doing educational research as your job” – “yes, you have a soul-mate, it is a black dog” (which kind of disturbed me…) – then I found out “people can have more than 1 soul-mate” – “your aura is blue, your Chakra colors are purple at the crown,” “we like when you listen to the binaural beats (brainwave entrainment),” “you will discover your own life’s purpose,” etc. (I don’t remember them all). Then, at the end of the reading, my friend described imagery that she was receiving from my spirit guides to tell me: so that they could prove to me that the experience was real and that they really do exist.

What came to her mind was a brand new pair of blue shoes. For awhile after the reading, I didn’t know what to think of the experience. I certainly didn’t have a brand new pair of blue shoes, but I decided to take the whole thing with an open-mind and neither deny or accept the truth of the experience. A couple months later, I just so happened to get a new pair of blue and white shoes. A couple days after getting the shoes, I reflected on the blue-shoe imagery from my Huna reading. Sure enough, I did have a new pair of blue shoes, so it must have some validity.

What is also unique about the process is the fact that my friend isn’t able to remember any of the information discussed about anyone’s personal Huna experience. Her mind is cleared of everything that happens during the reading in less than 20 minutes after the process. She explained to me that her only purpose when doing the reading is to serve as a medium, or as a means of connecting to my guides. She also explained that through enough personal meditation and spiritual seeking, I too would be able to connect with my spirit guides. Though I haven’t been too interested in connecting with them, I think it would definitely be a worthwhile experience.

The job of spirit guides are to help guide your spirit in the right direction and they really want to connect with you to help you raise your consciousness. So consider learning ways to connect with them on a personal level, or finding an advanced spiritual seeker / psychic that knows about spirit guides and how to connect with them. It seems as though Erin Pavlina has gotten great reviews discussing her ability to help you connect with your guides. Though it is somewhat expensive, it could prove to be just the advice that you needed to take your personal growth and consciousness to the next level!